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Hi mr.Vasudevan... I drove the verna, sx4 & fiesta cars once again and since i love driving i liked the fiesta the most, i feel it has the best feel and driving experience ... But befor i go and book it I need your advice if i am making the wise decision...I also wanted to know if there is any problem with the veichle which you would like to share wth me.. and though i know that the spares are expensive can you pls tell me approxmitly in % how expensive is it as compared to a verna or a honda city... and which of the two should i go in for the sxi or the Fiesta S verson...

By Selson on Jul 10, 2008


  • Expert Good you have taken test drive of few good cars of reputed manufacurer.

    1. Ford has since inception in india postioned its car with best pick up.(try ikon you will love it too)

    2. Verna is also good but the wise car today is Honda in terms on quality,service,spares,resale.

    3. you have to decide on the car to buy

    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 13, 2008

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