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hi m interested to buy a used car(seden) in diesel budget is upto 6 lakh.i like hyundai verna...but i dont know its maintenance and resale value...i wont be regret after plz guide me is i can go for verna or nay another car...shiva sir suggested me accent crdi...but i heard that accents engine life is not good...
By KARAN 10 October 2009

MAintainance of the Verna is not too high. Resale is also good as there is plenty of demand for it. It is a very good car with a very nice engine. If you have the budget, go for it.

There is no problem with the accents engine life.

Answer by Quraish 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

Some of the used Verna diesel is available in the range mentioned.Verna will be a good selection for its reliability and proven performance hence recommended to go for the same.Aalternatively Fiesta or City ZX would be the one to look for.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

verna crdi is a good choice than accent , fiesta and all.
also comparing Fiesta , Verna maintenance is low, as i will service my car every 10000 car is 2 years old, better you get a car with abs
i also tried to change my Verna, but no satisfaction in any new im keep going with my verna

Answer by Srini Vas 11 November 2009

hi, i m a used car dealer, and i have much better knowledge about the cars, i have both verna crdi and accent crdi for sale. and i personally feel that if even i want to buy a car for me then verna is the best.

even the performance and maintenance of verna is much better than skoda i feel. i m also having a verna crdi for sale. if interested can contact.

for any suggestion and help, feel free to call. my no. 9371016965.

Answer by Zaid Memon 11 November 2009
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