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Is it advicable to buy an used hyundai Sonata Gold- 2001, hte milage I am not very certain bcoz I think its changed, its priced at 1.70 lakhs. He is the second owner, the car externally looks in great condition before buying I will get it checked through a mechanic, but is it a good car to buy or are there any problems because this car failed in the indian market and what about the maintainance, Please advice should i go forward and buy this one.
By Parmeet 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

It will be a risky selection in going for Sonata gold of 2001 considering probable condition and higher maintenance cost involved.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

I own a Hyundai sonata 2001 , excellent car. mail me at post which i will share with you my contact . Cause i could help you in detail over the telephone

Answer by Marlon 11 November 2009

See it depends on you. If u r ready to bare a high running cost then u can prefer Sonata because its milage with AC ( Honest) is 6.3KMPL which i get in Bangalore City riding condition. IF ur dayiy running is above 30 Kms, then i suggest dont to prefer. 2ndly in which city u r going to use this vehicle thats most important. Coz i am facing a serious problem during parking, in rushy roads.
By seeing the price of the car it feels a good deal, but check the Suspensions ( costs around 60K for all four), Interiors, AC Functionality of the car, if wear & Tear of Interior is more then u can understand the usage is more or less.

Also get it properly checked as u said but i prefer try to get it checked with a good mechanic as well as at Showroom. Check its Clutch very properly ( coz my car has got Chattering & for rectification company estimate is around 25K).

Also note that once if u r going to be habitual to sonata, then i bet u wont be able to get synchronised to any other car, so think & proceed further.

Overall i can say its a one of the Good car i seen ever & i am enjoying my ride except milage & putting a gas kit & all is waste for such a big car...........

Wish u all the best.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 11 November 2009
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