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which is the best engine oil for pulsar 180 dts-i... i used to race my bike...
By Visakh 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

,,, correct method of change oil ,,,,
1.. clean engine bottom ,side ,front where mudy can store
2.. start vehicle and run it on centre stand till 5 minute 3.. open drain bolt mosty oil will come down .. (( mostly mechanik than close the drain bolt and fill up new 1 ltr oil )) 4.. open cluch case .and clean oil filter and clean case where u found most of oil dust which not comes through drain bolt.. tilt the bike left /right u will see there will come more than 200ml exess oil instead of drain ..clean the case cluch without open. clean by cotton .change packing. but dont use kerosin /petrol to clean use only cotton waste . fit the case fill the oil ,,in this way ur bike get whole 1 ltr new oil or ur bike willshow upper level @800ml ..itis some bore work to do , but u will feel some diffrence in ur bike

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

You can use any of the Synthetic engine oils.Mobile oil or Shel Synthetic would be best. Also recommended to flush the engine with new oi and fill it later with synthetic oil.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

I use the Motul 300 V Factoryline.
Its notavailable everywhere but is very good.
For Racing you can try out an iridium spark plug with a power cable. It'll give quicker throttle response.
Also there is the K&N air filter, sproketting and a free flow exhaust.

Answer by Quraish 10 October 2009

Castrol Power is giving best results...

Answer by Pravin 10 October 2009

castrol power 1

Answer by Dibakar Das 02 February 2011

Don't go for Power1 as it is not synthetic. go for Synthethic not semi-synthetic. castrol, Mobil1 or Shell all are leaders.

Answer by Kamal 03 March 2011

You will use castrol Gtx and power1 is rascal engine oil

Answer by Farhaz 05 May 2011

I used Motul oil , its really good

Answer by Sandeep 09 September 2013

Yaar..service time te kraani chaahidi...mainu ni pta k keda oil badiya..per mai v ik vaari castrol daa paa k dekhna..haale tak taa bjaj kolo hi kraai service mai..baad ch dasda keda bdiya oil..mere kol 180 hega..mai oho starting ch 156 km/h tak laya...per hun 130 tak hi janda..dekhde haan castrol di power

Answer by Umesh Dutt 09 September 2013

Valvoline...waah waah

Answer by Neel 11 November 2014

elf oil how

Answer by Jegannadar 12 December 2013

POWER 1 is one of the best oil for above 150cc vechicles

Answer by Vijay Anand 01 January 2012

hi... friends gulf oil, grade 5w30 use... min10000km max 20000km gud very good result, pulsar 180, 200, 220 not for 150

Answer by Saravanan 12 December 2012

helo sar iam raja babu mere pas 180cc pulasr bike hai mujhe apne bike ke liye best engine oil chiye jisese ki meri bike achi everage de or acha pikup de thanks.

Answer by Rajababu 12 December 2012

i use Castrol power1
my bike s 3 year old but still it reaches 125kmh

Answer by Chethan Yadav 01 January 2013

veedol super swift
is the best of best engine oil

Answer by Sanju 03 March 2013

plz tell me that hw can i increase the speed of my pul 180 n smooth-en the ride...????

Answer by Kaypee 04 April 2013

change t engine oil 4 every 750kms.. nd use efficiency filter to increase t speed it costs around 4000

Answer by Karl 04 April 2013

hi guyz my self umesh..i have 180 cc pulsar ,and i done the service in 10,100 km..nd now my bike run 11.600 km .please advise me,shall i service my bike or only change the engine oil ,my max speed is 60-70 ...please advise me ....thanks

Answer by R.Umesh Nair 04 April 2013

sir mere paas tvs apache160 hea mujehe koi acha oil bataye jo pikup bhi averaj bhi

Answer by Bharat Kumar 04 April 2013

bhai castrol hi dalbana @ Bharat Kumar

Answer by Vinay 04 April 2013

plz make sure about the temperature of engine, it should atleast be heated for about 2 to 3 kms then add pidilite's bike treatment oil of 60 ml worth 100 rs

Answer by Mohib Ali 05 May 2013

in my pulsar ns 200 , shell helix, fully synthetic, with it i have added pidilite's bike treatment worth 100 rs, and then added nylon for smoothness, forget engine for 13000 kms

Answer by Mohib Ali 05 May 2013

same for nylon too, plz heat the engine so that the oil is made less viscous so that nylon mixes in oil and coats clutch, gear & other internal surfaces of engine

Answer by Mohib Ali 05 May 2013

to increase speed , add acetone in speed petrol 200 ml of acetone per 5 liters of petrol, as soon as acetone mixed petrol flows in carborater, bike's speed drasticly increases

Answer by Mohib Ali 05 May 2013

in acetone mixed add cleaner pouch worth 5 rs in tank to increase perfomance

Answer by Mohib Ali 05 May 2013

open carborater air so petrol flow increases , knocking will be no more in ur bike, but it will not give average, but torque increase drasticly

Answer by Mohib Ali 05 May 2013

what is the engine oil level in pulsar 180

Answer by Sushil Sharma 07 July 2013

valvoline 20W50 is the best.....

Answer by Nitin 06 June 2013

I have pul 180 I have engine sound found from my pul so wat can I do to reduce that sound....

Answer by Raaz Vzm 12 December 2013

and which contain of eng oil for 180

Answer by Raaz Vzm 12 December 2013

i have yamaha rx 135 which is 17 years old and from last 5 years i use castrol and it touch 145 speed very easily with ultimate pickup power that it can even stand on 2nd gear

Answer by Shekhawar Singh Sarwara 12 December 2013

wats recomended size of engine oil in pulsar 180? though the manual says 1liter i read others recomeding 1.2ltrs

Answer by Ph 11 November 2014

I hv pulsure 180 .which engine oil is best for me ..motul systemic or castrol GTX20w50?

Answer by Mayukh 09 September 2014

u can use 20 -50 grade oil for bajaj pulsar 180.

Answer by Abhi... 05 May 2015

I have pulsar 150 ug4
Go for Mak 4TNEXT it took my bike to 130 km/h after running of 32000 kms OR if you want smoothest ride then go for Valvoline 20w50 4t premium...

Answer by Rahul Sisodia 11 November 2015

I used DANA 10W40, a quite best lubricants for pulsar. I have Pulssar, avanger and Activa Bike at home. I used DANA Lubricants. Very fine for the RAcer bIkes and Mopeds.

Answer by Deepak 01 January 2017

I have pulsar 180 bike engine give different sound I need solution for this

Answer by SHASHIKANTH 01 January 2017

Sir pulsar 180 ke liye kon sa engine oil sahi rahega

Answer by Pankaj Srivastava 11 November 2017
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