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Hello Dear all, I understand the real problems while upgrading to big rims. So I decided not to. Is it advisable to upgrade ordinary rim to Alloy and Tubeless? Impact on mileage, power, maintenance and overall performance? I understand the cost will be like 25k-30k. Please advise. Regards and Thanks, Abhilash
By Abhilash 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

Going for alloy wheels and tubeless tyres improves cushioning effect and also mileage by little margin. Also ads to the god on road image of car.Hence recommended to go for the same

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

Alloy wheels apart from the good looks, dont heat up that fast.
Hence they reduce the chances of tyre bursting at high speeds and are safer.
tubeless tyre dont burst when a nail penetrates and air reduces slowly (unless you remove the object) and thus they too increase the safety margin.
You are looking 10k-15k for rim sizes upto 14" and about 15k to 25k for 15"/16" rims.
Tubeless tyre depending on size should cost you between 2500-5000 each.

Answer by Quraish 10 October 2009
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