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Am thinking of getting a confused between unicorn and fz though my mind tilts a bit more towards fz..City ridin wil be be using solely on conditions are 1.Good Looking 2.Good performance and stabilty 3.Decent mileage[45/ltr] while travelling at speeds of 50-75 4.Less vibrations
By Kunju 10 October 2009

Hi Kunju. As per your above mentioned requirements, it is in better interest that you go for an FZ. Honda is mourning a labour strike scenario at its Gurgaon plant and hence all its 2 wheelers are on a long waiting period.

Answer by Reetabrata Bhattacharya 10 October 2009
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Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 10 October 2009

hi mr kunju , you better not go for two bikes , unicorn is very poor in control b coz if u full ur fuel in unicorn it doesnt have control , FZ is the bike of yamaha very maintainance & spares are more costlier better try HH CBZ Extreme very good looking and better try test drive for comfort drive

Answer by Naveen 10 October 2009


Answer by Dhruv 10 October 2009

Buddy, take a long test drive for both bikes. You havent mentioned your height and weight. If you plan to take a pillion rider the FZ is not a good choice. Mileage during tests is 45-50, so in the real world expect a little less.
For taller riders (i am 6'1", 95kgs) the FZ is a little uncomfortable for me on long rides. Also the FZ has a more sporty leaning position, which means that your wrists and arms take a lot more pressure.
The Unicorn is a great bike, does not vibrate at speeds of 90 also. Is very comfortable. But looks dated now. There is a wait time. But the engine is a beauty.
You could also try the Hero Honda Hunk. It is a good looker, has a excellent road presence, very stable at almost all speeds. Very good midrange which means you dont need to downshift to second even at low speeds. Pick up is good. Has a very comfortable seating position suited for highway driving.
I have used almost all the 150 cc bikes and my daily ride is 25 kms of highway and 15 kms of city driving (pune) and every second weekend I ride around 300 kms+.
In order of preference I will say, Hunk, Unicorn, CBZ Extreme, RTR 160, FZ, Pulsar.

Answer by Nikhil 10 October 2009

My height is around 5'7 and i weigh 68kgs...ya am studyin in a college which is 50 kms frm home...i stay there as a paying guest so ill be using the bike to travel to college on monday and returnin bak on between i also go to long distance trips..and most probably ill be havin a pillion rider and by the way ill be ridin through highways riding will be rare..Is fz a gud bike for highways?and i need atleast 40-45 avg..the thing is i just love fz ..but i want to know whether its best suited for my needs...

Answer by Kunju 10 October 2009

by the way is apache rtr 180 suited for my needs??heard its performance is good.

Answer by Kunju 10 October 2009

dear friends i myself had the same question as mr.kunju.i very much agree to the answer of mr.nikhil bcoz i made a clear survey reg 150cc bikes and finally arrived either hunk or pulsar but the later lacks reliability so my friend u just go for hunk without further confusion

Answer by Karthikeyan 10 October 2009
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Considering all parameters including ride , handling etc the best bet would be Yamaha R15. If budget is between 50 to 70 K then the better option would be Yamaha Fazer or CBZ Extreme.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

Go for unicorn.Myself it is using from since 2004.No vibration and jerking and a steady mileage-still its gives me 55-58 in Bangalore city.It cost around 68k on road in Bangalore.No maintenance at all.Only one problem-Only no much ad' compairing to others.Honda= stable and reliable.

Dear Naveen,I think you never ride Unicorn.Hunk also good.But it is costlier and less mileage.

Answer by Panicker 10 October 2009

u go test ride.... once u ride FZS... u wont look for any other bike.. , i am sure.. No vibration upto 105kmph... excelent control.... mileage 40-45 kmpl.... blindly go fro FZS/FAZER....

Answer by Sam 10 October 2009

thanks :)
what about apache rtr 180?

Answer by Kunju 10 October 2009

Between unicorn and FZ, FZ is better except its milage, unicorn has not been updated for many years now so better go for FZ or fazer.

Answer by Gautam 10 October 2009

if i buy fz ill be ridin in 50-65 and in highways wat mileage will i get?

Answer by Kunju 10 October 2009

hi kunju,

Based on your requirements i would suggest you to go for FZ bcoz you had clearly mentioned that your speeds will be around 50 to 65 at that speeds you would be more comfortable with the bike and i m sure you would extract atleast 45 kmpl.also the brakes of the FZ is a true masterpiece bcoz it stops the vehicle better than most of the premium bikes available on sale,moreover above all this i can clearly read out from your posts that you are more inclined towards FZ; so whatelse go ahead and live your congrats for your new bike....

Answer by SATHISH 11 November 2009
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