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Hi, I have following queries: 1. Is it advisable to buy maruti suzuki zen VX 2002. It is 35K driven. 2. What is the difference between Zen VX and VXI 3. Will the servicing and parts availability of discontinued models (Baleno, Zen etc.) will be issue in future? Waiting for your early reply. Regards, Prashant

By Prashant Harde on Oct 28, 2009


  • Selection of a car depends on a number of aspects.

    If the car condition is good, you may go ahead.

    Difference between Vx and Vxi is basically of Power Windows.

    As far as the parts problem is concerned, this should not be of any concern as generally, Maruti parts are available everywhere.
    Answer by Subhash Gupta on Oct 29, 2009

  • Hi,
    When you buy a car you should check how much KMS run and the General condition. Also, well maintained cars doesn't
    have any problems evenif KMS are little more.
    The difference between VX and VXi is that VX = Hydralic Steering and VXi = Electronic Power Steering (EPS).
    As per MarutiUdyog Company they will provide their vehicle spare parts upto 15 years eventhough the model will be discontinued.
    Answer by Anns on Oct 29, 2009

  • im not convinced with the km can b easily changed.reduced in most cases..35k km in 7 yrs is doubtful.moreover with the deteriorating cond of indian roads,u feel face probs with the suspension as zen n esteem have a low ground clearance.moreover i have seen quite a few ppl with back aches by driving zen..some prob with the seat shape.its been a wonderful car.but its days r over now.
    Answer by Dhruv on Oct 29, 2009

  • good car to buy

    low maintainance

    parts easily available all over india

    go for it
    Answer by Chandrashekhar on Oct 29, 2009

  • 1. You be assured that you will not repent buying the Zen Vxi 2003 model, as it is in a well maintained condition. Also the main difference between Vx and Vxi are the power windows and electronic steering, in Vxi models. And regarding spare parts Maruti will keep supplying spares for its discontinued vehicles at least for 15yrs from the year of discontinuation. Regarding n e other queries feel free to contact me . I will be glad to assist you.
    Answer by Sagardeep Biswas on Oct 29, 2009

  • it is good car to buy but the fact in 7 years. only 35k kilometers i think u should check before it and the main fact what price in what price he is giving?.....

    If u are intrested in Maruti Zen 2000 VXI model kilometer is 63k u can contact on my mail id

    price is 1.10 only....
    for any other quries do mail me i will be glad to assist u..
    Answer by Parush on Oct 29, 2009

  • its a gud buy.U can goahead.
    Answer by Kapil on Oct 29, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    You can go ahead with Zen. No need to worry about availability of parts for . It will be available for many years more.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Oct 30, 2009

  • The Difference between VX and VXI is,

    VX :

    1. No Power Steering
    2. Power Windows
    3. AC

    VXI : (Fully Loaded)
    1. Power Steering
    2. Power Windows

    If you ask me I will recommend you to go for Vxi. Not VX.

    But Zen is a very good car and it is maintenance free.

    I am using Zen Lx 2000 Model , from last 9 year, till date, I am not faced any problem. The Engine is very much Genuine.

    Zen may looks very small car, but it is a comfort and export quality car. I used to travel 3 times/ year, from Bangalore to Nagercoil (about 800kms), but I never faced any problem. Really it is a good choice"ZEN"

    In 2005 my brother bought Santro Xing-Xp, but u no one thing he is spending min. 2-3k / month for maintenance.

    And maruthi spare parts are very much available in the market, no issues on availablity.

    Go for Zen and Enjoy Driving ...!!!!!

    Answer by Sam on Oct 30, 2009

  • Hello, go ahead for zen vx. Don't worry about availability of spares. It is good car.
    Answer by Anil Kumar Panda on Oct 30, 2009

  • ZEN is an excellent Car. You may surely Go ahead. Only thing to check whether it had an history of any major Accident. Correctness of KM reading also need to be examined. Personally I am using a ZEN VX 2000 Model and I am extremely happy so much that my family does not want to buy Maruti A Star by exchanging the existing ZEN VX ( Fascinaton !)

    Answer by Sunil Ghosh on Oct 30, 2009

  • 1. Is it advisable to buy maruti suzuki zen VX 2002. It is 35K driven.
    CK > Yes, it is fine.
    2. What is the difference between Zen VX and VXI
    CK > I have no idea. I have been driving zen estello since 2 years.
    3. Will the servicing and parts availability of discontinued models (Baleno, Zen etc.) will be issue in future?
    CK > You may enquire at maruti show rooms. Surely, Maruti is good name in cars.
    Answer by Ck Rao on Oct 30, 2009

  • hi.. well zen is defintly a gr8 car 2 buy!!! the diff btw vx and vxi is basically ower steering... i advice u to buy the one with power steerin... coz tat'll help u while sellin ur car in future. and i don believe in the kms tat hav run... pls make sure u don loose ur hard earned money.. check out the suspensions and mainly the cooling fans, brake cylinders and boosters and check wheter ter s any leakage in radiators walls... coz zen 'll hav tese type of problems ususally... best wishes..
    Answer by Vishnu on Nov 1, 2009

  • 1 vx has only front 2 power windos and vxi has all 4 power windos.servicing and parts availability is very cheap for zen and so parts are easily available.balen spare parts are door handel costs 1600 rs.that of zen costs 90 rs.accelerator cable costs 60 rs,etc.go for zen.good pickup and mileage.good resale value.i want 2 sell my zen lx 2000 june model,golden colour 3rd owner, 90000 rs if intrusted call me 9892816141.buying new swift .
    Answer by Nishikant Patil on Nov 2, 2009

  • Hi. I have Maruti Zen that i want to sell. I think its LXi model(no power steering, no power windows). Please contact me on 9850902856 if you are interested. Details are as below:

    Car : Maruti Suzuki Zen Std
    City : Pune, Maharashtra
    Location: Viman Nagar, Pune
    Make-Year : July 1998
    Colour : PC-GREEN (Mettalic)
    Registration No. : DL6C E 5028 (Car is registered in Delhi)
    Kilometers : 100000
    Expected Price : Contact Seller for details
    Insurance : N/A
    No. of Owners : 2 (1st owner was my cousin, so the car has been in the family)

    Please Contact me for for any other details or test ride.

    Answer by Ashutosh on Nov 4, 2009

  • ZEN vxi is best car. just ac cooling is low and you can get irritation when opposite cars will put light on your face in night driving.
    Answer by SJM on Jun 20, 2013

  • my zen vx2000 brake problums make a full turne stairing before gone brake not working 1min not solution my car sombady tecknition pls
    Answer by Atul Kher on May 21, 2014

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