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Very simple but difficult to answer!!!!!!!! which car is best in range from 4-5.5 lakh. I usually drive only on weekends,hence no mileage problem. I want style, smooth acceleration and smooth drive with very less maintenance (headache). I have a long list to select.... 1) punto 2)aveo UVA 3)vista 4)swift dzire 5)new indigo manza 6)ford ikon.......I dont like i10,ritz and swift. Any response would be appreciated and will help me a lot.......

By Mohit on Oct 28, 2009


  • You can either go for ford ikon ya fiat punto . swift dzire is not upto the standards
    Answer by Naveen on Oct 28, 2009

  • you can go for ikon,manza or accent. best in class
    Answer by Rajesh on Oct 28, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    In the options mentioned and the range fist choice should be Tata Manza and second Grande Punto.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Oct 28, 2009

  • Fiat Punto will be give you Joy. Directly go for it. A Car is more than just a carrier....Fiat Has has a soul...
    Answer by John on Oct 28, 2009

  • Dear buddy......Close your eyes and go for ford Icon. Nothing else will do. Lemme tell you a secret ford icon nothing but an Indianized version of ford fiesta. Come on be part of the fordism that is more than 100 years old. Drive ford and make your day exciting. Say no to plastic ..say yes to FORD.
    Answer by Aditya Dimri on Oct 28, 2009

  • best u go one choice swift dzire.proven version
    Answer by Wesley on Oct 28, 2009

  • go for U-VA the best car in this segment and very underrated.
    Answer by Sunny on Oct 28, 2009

  • Dear, Go ahead with Ford Ikon. Its really a driver's Car.
    Second option, go for PUNTO.

    Answer by Bhaveshkumar on Oct 28, 2009

  • dear mohit, go for punto diesel bcz tata/maruti use fiat 1.3 diesel engine and punto servise duration is 15000km/or 1-year and its a resent style a sedan car.
    ikon/disere/uva/vista all are 2/3 year old models go for current launch and versatile hatch punto is enough.
    do not seen here and where go for punto(servise by tata motors)
    Answer by Devinder Yadav on Oct 28, 2009

  • Hey Man

    I Use Only European Cars.My First choice of cars comes based of the durability and safety of the vehicle, which i think the european cars just stand out.Currently i use the Rover and Fiat.
    My Suggestion would be Go for the Fiat if you like the design and if you like the seating position and view on all sides from the driver seat. If not check out for Fabia which is now giving you a discount of upto 50000 on some models. Once you sit on a skoda you will not consider any others.

    Answer by Madanan on Oct 28, 2009

  • Hi!
    As you have clearly mentioned your priority is style, comfort, smooth acceleration and low maintenance. I would suggest the following,
    If it is Hatch back, plz go for Fiat Palio 1.6 Sports (an ultimate car for style and 100ps power for what people will say acceleration, and low maintenance upto 75000km)
    If it is Sedan, just stretch your budget to 6.2Lakhs for the most stylish, no-nonsense sedan, the Chevrolet AVEO LS, which has loads of features and comfort.
    Don't get disturbed with re-sale value, as these are not for overnight usage.
    All the best.
    Answer by M Ravishankar on Oct 29, 2009

  • As of now, best-buy is Ford Ikon.If you can wait, wait for Ford's hatchback.
    Answer by Raj K Jesudhasan on Nov 3, 2009

  • Take a test drive on UVA or Vista and select the car of your choice. Petrol Version
    Answer by Shashi on Nov 23, 2009

  • Dear frnd

    I think the one who has given u an advice to buy ford for tensionfree driving, they are taaking some revenge frm u..Its the worst car..u drive 10000km ,pay 25000rs on maintainance bullshit car....Punto- its a good car by fiat but not engine refined as of swift..even if both use the same fiat engine and also its noisy car....the best buy is indigo manza...excellent luxury..unbeatable spaace,security features, complete loaded car....and the best car in the sedan just 6.75lakhs
    Answer by Akassh on Nov 24, 2009

  • Go for a maruti product second choice would be tata manza,rest all are marketing gimmicks
    Answer by Sharad on Nov 24, 2009

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