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Today I test drove both Ritz diesel and Petrol. I was shocked as the performance of both the cars was far below my satisfaction and I am quite surprised as to why is everyone raving about Ritz. Further I would like to know as to how do u rate Fiat Punto Diesel as compared to Swift Diesel ? Also a few weeks back it was mentioned in your newsletter that Maruti would soon be coming up with a new model of Maruti Van called Maruti Eka. Please tell me by when is it expected to be launched.
By Rajesh Narula 10 October 2009

Hi.. Both the cars, Swift and Punto have same engine. the difference comes from the design, look and interiors. Swift and punto have their own road presence. swift is an example of Japaniese design and Punto represent the Germans.
While rating Swift goes up only due to the Strong peresence of Maruti Badge.

Answer by Himanshu Sharma 10 October 2009

punto leg space in rear seat lesser than swift.

Answer by Haris 10 October 2009

Punto is Italian design and not german.

Answer by Sharath 10 October 2009

More steel in Punto than Swift, hence expect it be more sturdy, safe and delight to drive than Swift, but donot expect to give more miles for fuel than Swift. Design wise both have Pro & Cons. Talk Service and i would prefer Maruti to Tata on any day.

Answer by Geet 10 October 2009

Ritz is a very good car... diesel is the same swift engine... and petrol ritz engine is the best engine in power, mileage if compare to any other petrol car in its class.... but if u r looking for punto or swift... then go for swift... rear seat space is more in swift... refinement is also good as compared to punto.... go for swift...

Answer by Dheeraj 10 October 2009

Punto is one of the best car,but not happy with the after sales service. But if I have to rate it than it is 5 stars. Really a very good car, Yeah I LOVE it

Answer by Rajeev Bakshi 10 October 2009

Though Engine is same of Ritz,Swift & Punto is same.But performance is differant due to differant ECU Mapping.
Ritz (Diesel)is BS-4 & Swift (D) is Bharat-3.

Answer by Amol 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

Fiat Punto diesel would be a better option on account of build quality, reliability, safety features and improved service backup.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009
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