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what is ur opion on HERO HONDA Glamour??? is it good bike, consider mileage and pick up.
By Krish Mohan 10 October 2009

As per my knowledge it 125 CC bike and if your requirement is within city then it is best deal, or Passion pro also is good deal

Answer by Ronak 10 October 2009

Hi dude,

Its 125 Cc Bike But If You are looking out for a Compaq model which gives you power, Mileage & looks To You Can definitely go for Suzuki GS150 Which gives u 62KMPL with 150 CC Bike with tubeless Tyre and great look with same cost of Glamour.

Answer by Love Bhawsar 10 October 2009

Hero Honda Glamour is very good bike but before 2 year models is heavy and solide bike, now bajaj make it with very light and normal bike

Answer by Harvinder Singh 10 October 2009

Hero Handa glamour is a very good bile.I am using it since last one year.I must say it is one of the best bike.

Answer by Bipinkumar Patnaik 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

Hero Honda Glamour is a good option in 125 CC segment worth going for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

125cc / millage arround 50/55 kmpl/// no performance like a passion+...and now outdated model no resale value . if ur driving speed is above than 60kmph . than avoide is better . go for passion+ // passion pro /// shine.. in same range of price

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 10 October 2009


I own a Yamaha Gladiator, i have taken a test drive of around all 125cc bikes & my over all openion is 125cc segment itself is not a godd idea, where u cant get milage as well as pick up. Though these bikes are 125cc, weight will be more compaired to 100cc bikes & hence u wont find much better pick up even milage too.

If u really believe in good biking then i would suggest u to think only about Honda Unicorn or CBZ Extreem as both will give u pumping pick up as well as 50+ true milage.

Yes there r bikes like Shine, glammer & gladiator from which u can get 50+ milage but over all fun & rich experience of driving u wont get with 125cc segment...

Answer by Swapnil Natu 10 October 2009

did hero glamour have tube less tyre?

Answer by Abhishek 12 December 2014

hi, i want to buy a familiar bike with good milage,comfort,stylish & low maintains and also good resale value......please help me i want to buy a bike as soon as possible.......

Answer by Akshaya 12 December 2013

Dont go for Glamour if you are looking for good mileage. i own 2009 model has 40-42 mileage on highway, brakes are ridiculas but good for riding comfort

Answer by Arvind 06 June 2013
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