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Hi all, I would like to buy 2002 Maruti Zen Lx with LPG Kit fit into it. What would be its fair price in ahmedabad. The Car is 1,34000 Kms run. Please guide me, what is the fair price i should give.
By Rahil 10 October 2009

hi rahil...listen zen is a ever green has its own value..performance wise its has very good resale value.. take the car and show it to your mechanic and get it inspected properly...price for 2002 model varies from 1,20,000 upto 1,60, depends upon the condition of the vehicle.. take a wise desion :)

Answer by Anand 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

Zen of 2002 with LPG kit can be bought for around 1.3 Lac maximum.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

the price should be in the range of 1.10 - 1.45 lacs depending upon the condition.i feel the car is run toooo much and u should get it checked from a trust worthy mechanic and if its a tourist car then the price would be 40% less then the rates quoted.

Answer by Danish Khan 10 October 2009

The concern is it has already clocked 134000 kms which will have an impact on many parts like Gearbox, AC Compressor and all. Check if you can get a low mileage car

Answer by Solomon 10 October 2009

Rahil, I am using ZEN 2003 VXI model since last 5 yrs. It's a very good car with good resales value. The only concern is 1,34,000 KMs running. & if its LPG fitted then u need to check it twice completely. & Price could be anything between Rs.90,000 to Rs.1,10,000.One again, Think twice be4 u buy..... the car has already covered so much KMs.

Answer by Kapil 10 October 2009

I suggest around 1 Lac. becoz LPG cars have less value for Second Hand, as LPG kit is installed by the owner who has high running. Actually i dont suggest to buy LPG, instead buy Petrol, as petrol is not that costly.

Answer by ABC 10 October 2009

not bad price but kms done is high and see the condition of the car is it repaint accidental or something check wit good mechanic as it has runned on lpg so plz dont buy without proper guidance of mechanic.see engine and body line and interior properly also see tat car is not flood affected

Answer by WASIM 10 October 2009

hi lpg fitted vehicles dont have much resail value as original.the resale value of 2002 zen lx is between90,000 t0 120,000.depends on condition ,dont buy repainted vehicles my personal experience says,by original because u come to know about car has faced any accident or that car to urs known meckanic.check following things-body line,engine noise,repaint,ac cooling,check the pillars for accident,ride the car in circular motion both side and hear the noise coming fromfront tyres check for axcel.

Answer by Nishikant 10 October 2009

I dont prefer to buy a car with LPG kit bcos it has long term effects on engine. Anyhow if u have make up ur mind to buy this car then 1.10 to 1.35 wud be ur target price (depends upon condition).

Answer by Harish Sharma 10 October 2009

Hi, I used to own a maruti zen 2000 model till 2007,LPG fitted and a VXI model. It had clocked 54000 kms and i sold it for 1.20 lac. Considering your model and kms run i would suggest, 90000 thousand is the best price, nothing more, provided the car is in good useable condition and no immedieate repairs.

Answer by Rajesh Shettigar 10 October 2009

i have own maruti zen car 2002 lx model. its car which always good for middle man pocket. bcuz of low maintance and high fuel efficency. but ple go for lxi model which is power stering and quite good for city drive and for ur model the cost will around 105000 to 110000/- not more than tht any cost.

Answer by Ganesh Patil 10 October 2009

I have a 2000 Model ZEN VX first hand Petrol car in fairly good condition which has run about 80,000 Kms. I want to sale it and am expecting a price of Rs 75,000 to 80,000 for it. By That token the Car of 2002 make having run 1,34000 Kms should not cost you more than Rs 85,000. Price should be LOW as it has run too many Kms . the fact that it uses LPG makes the choice more questionable.

However, if I was in your place I would not have bought this car at all EVEN at a lesser price , unless a thorough check of all components is carried out.

Answer by Sunil Ghosh 10 October 2009
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