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i have buyed a second hand maruti zen 2000 june model.when 5 people sit inside with ac on the car does not take pick up and does not climb on mountain roads i have to switch off the ac to also stops in beetween while changing ghears when ac is on.other wise the car runs properly without ac.and in stable position also when i race the ingine high and leave the race padle the ingine stops.

By Nishikant on Oct 18, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    This is a typical problem that we come accross with cars used for long term.As the parts gets wearout there is decreased efficiency due to carbon deposits in engine ie inlet manifold, combustion chanber,exhaust manifold, head assy etc, scale formation in cooling system, there will be frequent requirment of carburettor overhauling.All these factors contribute for overall performance of car.For the problem mentioned, carburettor overhaul should help much to improve performance.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Oct 18, 2009

  • hi nishikant,my uncle also have a 1999 zen and we have the same problem in it .it could not take pick up with 4-5 persons in it and with the ac turned on.its a old car and all cars have a life ....ap usko jitna bhi servicing karao wo thode din bad koi naya problem lekar bath jaega. so it will be better to sell the car around a price of Rs70000-80000 and buy a alto 2003-2004 arount 120000-130000 with ac.alto gives a far better milleage then zen so your money would not be is also cheap to maintain.
    Answer by Ankit on Oct 18, 2009

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