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Hi,I am examining the option of either buying Hyundai Santro or Wagon R. Personally I like Santro for its shape and body and also both the price are same.I am now confused. Can someone give me correct guidance ?
By Anand 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

Santro will be a good selection than WwagonR for its overall performance .Recommended to go ahead for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

i think u should opt for santro.its good car and very low maintanance.

Answer by Aayush 10 October 2009

The Santro is a good car. I had a Santro and ran it for 6 years and was very satisfied with it until I changed it for a Mahindra Renault.Santro is an efficient car with very less maintenance cost if maintained in reference to regular service etc. at Companmy authorised dealerships.The average is 13 km for city running and 16 km on long distance provided you run at optimum speeds and not at breakneck speeds or too much of stop and start(in city conditions). All in all it should be a good buy. And, last but not the least, they have upgraded the car recently with improvements in the interiors.

Answer by Pradeepjauhar 10 October 2009

go for santro dependable comfortable & superior quality

Answer by Dr Nisar Ali 10 October 2009

See, so many people have advised for Santro !
I had one just a few days ago!
"aap bhi Santro wale ban jao"
real mast scooter on 4 wheels with excellnt drive & manouverability !
marks for santro vs w'r - 8 vs 5

Answer by Rajeev Shukla 10 October 2009

maruti is always maruti and no one can beat it, with eyes shut go for wagon R.

Answer by D K SINGH 10 October 2009

Just go for the station Wagon i.e. Wagon-R. Excellent value for money, best in class mileage, easy road side assistance(they generally not required as it is the best built car in its class). Own the Wagon-R, and in less than month you will fall in love with Wgaon-R. No engine sound at all yaar!
DK Singh is also right. Also High Resale value as it is not going to stop production at least 3/4 years and dont know about Santro. As Wagon- Type R is the only station Wagon avail. in india today. Any more Q?

Answer by Dr Vijay 10 October 2009


Answer by RAVI 10 October 2009

hi.......anand ......santro is always best nobody can beat this.....his a good mileage car low maintanance car......i am using santro ......this's a perfect car for u.....pls go with santro

Answer by Vijay Kumar 10 October 2009
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