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Hi all, I have a offer that INDICA DLE 2009 JAN, running for a company. CAR clocked as 31500kms and hold the T-board. The party demands 2.7L. 1.No power window 2.No central lock 3.No body color pumper 4.Gray color 5.Tyres are just oKAY. Here I have to fit all these things and I must to convert in to OWN-BOARD. Please tell me is it a good offer or not. This car is looked some other people and I must to fix today. So plz advice me urgently. Kumar
By KUMAR 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

The quotig price seems to be on higher side.It will be good if deal can be done to app 2.3 lac otherwise better gofor a new one rather than a used one.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

Think, you should look at alternatives. Not good to go for a taxi. If you do not have more than 1000-1500 km running per month, A petrol model will be useful in the long run

Answer by Regi 10 October 2009

a Jan 2009 model done more than 31000 kms - seems it has been used as a taxi - it would be better if you don't buy this, provided you are looking to use it for your pvt use. Moreover, price seems high for the basic model

Answer by Dipankar 10 October 2009

Hi Kumar

I feel the price of this should be some where uround 2.1 to 2.5 lac.
For me 31500km in 9 months is too much, that to a commercial car.

Better go for new one, my advice.

Ravi Thakur

Answer by Ravi 10 October 2009

Check the reason for sale, check if the vehcile is accident free, and definelty has been used ( 31500km in a year) so parts may have been worn out..
My advise - Even If you get it for 1 lakh dont buy it.

Answer by Naveen 10 October 2009

Dear Kumar,
Frankly speaking don't go for it. it is better to go for a car like mine. i have already listed mine on the Cartrade, just check it for once.


Answer by Tushar 10 October 2009

Noway.This Car have already crossed almost half of its life and quoted price is too high.

Answer by Rajarshi 10 October 2009

The car is overpriced. You can get a brand new DLE (almost same features) or DLS (body coloured bumpers, HVAC) for around 3.5 lacs or so. Suggest you go for a newer car.
Having said that, if he is ready for 2.3 or is a good deal. Also to convert from T (yellow) plate to individual ownership will cost you 15K or so. Consider it.

Answer by Nikhil 10 October 2009

y dont you buy mine, 2004 jan Indica DLX power windows, pwr steering, top model.

contact 9212453696

Answer by Dilip 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

Answer fromMr Sourav
Dear Mr, Kumar

The car should be valued not more than Rs.2.2-2.3 lakh because I bought my 2004 model car Indica DLS with power steering, music player & 40000 km running at 2 lakhs. Now after 1.5 year of running I would like to sell it at 1.3 lakh after driving 67000 km.

Hope this will satisfy your query.

Sourav Chakraborty

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

Hi friend,
Please ask him why he wants to sell an 8 months old car?
Is that accident free? please check with Insurance Company.
Is he fade up with product? Tatas are better with trucks only not with cars. Third class suspension,rattling
noise,horrible engine.Don't buy.

Answer by Dinesh Nadkarni 10 October 2009
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