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By Amol on Oct 14, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    Tata Nano performance has been quite a success and gives mileage of around 21 to 23KMPL.Wwe wil soon give review of onroad performance of Nano.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Oct 14, 2009

  • Expert Answer from Mr Prabhakar
    Dear sir

    I am unable to answer through your website, since our firewall not allows,,

    I got nano on Sep 28 on dasara, day,, derived around 500 km.. I am happy
    milage around 20- to 24 km per litre.. performance, comfort also ok,,only
    few draw backs, 1. No luggage space, 2. No dash board you cannot keep any
    thing atlieast your car papers , reg..price that all delpend on demand and


    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Oct 14, 2009

  • Dear Sir,

    I got my TATA NANO on 7th September, Its is performance is
    EXTREMELY good, Mileage around 20 to 22 Km per liter according to average from 700 Kms driven upto now. draw backs, 1. No dash board you cannot keep any Car documents. 2. No luggage space. 3. Rear Becomes to hot after continues driving. 4. It is not suitable for Long Journey suits for only city limits. It is something or far better than two wheeler.
    Answer by Vijay Ullagaddi on Oct 15, 2009

  • I am Totally Shocked and Scare to drive my new Nano Wat To is your suggestion for the news got from

    New Delhi, Oct. 22 -- In what is surely the first blemish ever since wonder car Tata Nano started rolling on the roads, Tata Motors today said it may order a pre-emptive audit check of all 7,500 Nanos despatched so far, taking into account the three incidents of the car catching fire in the last one month. A Nano caught fire in Ahmedabad last month followed by two similar incidents in Lucknow and Delhi yesterday that put serious doubts on the safety aspect of the vehicle.

    Delhi-based Sunil Kumar Panwanda claimed his daughter parked the car outside his home early afternoon on Tuesday but the car was on fire after three hours. Panwanda is livid with the company. "I had bought the car for my children and they are now terrified of driving it," he told TV channel CNBC TV18. "I want the company to refund my money and take back the vehicle."

    Ahmedabad's Ravindra Bhagat had a similar experience and is now of the belief that a bigger car is better. "I bought the car because Ratan Tata drove and introduced it. I thought this small car will be convenient for daily use in the city. Now, I feel it is better to drive a big car. Even if I get a replacement, I will not accept it," he told the channel.

    But the company played down the incidents saying there was no technical or design fault with the car but only short circuits. "There is no question of recalling any of the cars as there is no technical or design fault with the car. This is not a generic problem," he added.
    Answer by Vijay on Oct 23, 2009

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