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I am facing rusting problem in my wagon r lxi 2003 model. rust can be seen on doors petrol tank cover stepeny compartment etc. recently my windglass broke while replacing glass rust was seen below the glass on which glass rests metal part.As such i have to replace the whole metal part also.I have faced rusting pb during warranty period in the engine compartment also. I have spoken to Maruti service centre,Anytime maruti and regional office regarding this poor quality issue but maruti simply washed his hands by saying it is out of warranty. I live in Jangpura south delhi water quality is good here how can I prevent further rusting? Is it because of improper sandblasting during manufacturing ?
By Tapan Sahu 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

It could be due to booth poor quality as well as severe exposure to moist environment.The sulution is to get antirust coating.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

I am also facing rusting problem in my Jan 2004 model- on lower side of doors (havn't checked at other locations). Looks like poor quality of sheet used. Disappointing!

Answer by Vipul 10 October 2009

It might have been caused due to other climatic conditions if you are frequent traveller to other terrains, whatever be the reason you now have no choice .. get the anti rust coating on .. at the earliest.

Answer by A Banerjee 10 October 2009

I am also facing rusting problem.due to salt water rain sesson it will developing.immediatly take anti rust coating.I am also using it is good result.

Answer by Karthik 10 October 2009

hi is worth to get anti rust in new car

Answer by San 08 August 2017

as authorized dealer cost 3.5 that worth

Answer by San 08 August 2017
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