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i want to buy fiat grand puto diesel.but somebody says the car is under power, is it correct or not. what is under power of the car please give me correct suggestion on fiat grand punto diesel or shift diesel vdi is good.
By Prasad Reddy 10 October 2009

What the hell you are asking?

Swift begged with FIAT for its success a few years ago.


Go with PUNTO with FULL OF JOY.

Answer by Jey 10 October 2009

see dear am not happy what the jey said i think my post will help u if you see the market than go for swift disel excellent car i own havin palio and i am happy with that as it is a good car at all i dont know why it failed in indian market if you really wana try some different taste than go for punto and also if you really a car lover than you can choose fiat as the power comfort etc.. are very good even fiat small cars give the joy of sedan cars hatchback etc are very good.... and if you listen your surrounding than you will got confused as no market for fiat in delhi as i am living in delhi when i brought the palio than many asked me it is not a good car low mileage etc but when i used it it is really a good car the comfort is excellent power no comparision at all and they were right it having low mileage but now am with cng so no prob but if you want to take fiat for long than go for it no prob at all baaki to kismat hai bosss kuch nhi pata machinery ka .... but i wana to listen your decision tell me at

Answer by Rahul 10 October 2009

Punto is much heavier than swift.... but it is not under powered... power is sufficient enough.. by features, driving pleasure, style, space, brand image(not india but world wide) go for punto.
swift is quicker due to low weight. for resale value, driving pleasure go for swift.

Answer by Abhishek 10 October 2009

i think u should go for the swift,i have a bunch of cars like swift vdi,dzire vdi,indigo cs,ikon diesel,indica turbo and many more but i like swift most in terms of performance and dzire as a overall package....
punto is nice but it is heavier than its rivals but it is a nice car with lots of goodies...
go for swift....

Answer by Mayank 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

Both Have same power but torque of Punto diesel is 197NM compared to that of Swift 190 NM. WSwift has warranty of 2 years/40000KM and Punto has 2Years/ unlimited KM .Further Pnto has the advantage of better build quality and style which makes it the best choice.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

Punto !!! All the way
Many times better build than Swift. No noise of Diesel machine in cabin.Good comfort, feel of a sedan.
New body design,swift 6-7years old body design.

Answer by Puneet 10 October 2009

hi brother,swift is an excellent car; punto is d new star from a family wth pedigree, go 4 it.never take automobile mags first drive reports, which is mileading. collect reports from users of d cars , gud mechanics & pre owned car dealers.happy buy 4 punto.

Answer by Manu Klm 10 October 2009
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