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Hi. All, I'm about to buy a ESTEEM VXi. The Offer is 3L. Registered May 2007, All features in perfect working condition. Exerior with out dent or scratch. Plz suggest me about the offer, Average C & H & maintenance. How about LPG kit fitting on it? Coz, it's just 2years old engine? which brand kit works best on this model? I heard LAVOTO is better? But Tell me IS THERE ANY BETTER THAN LAVOTA? This is my first car so gide me buying it. BY.
By Bairavan 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

The cost of 3.0Lac for used esteem seems to be higher side slight negotiation is needed.For fitting of LPG the cost would be around 17K. Recommended to use the vehicle for some time later on think of fitting LPG depending upon performance including mileage of the car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

i have done 13000kms and it is good diff of 25 to 30 rs / ltr of petrol used for the same. kpl petrol 15 in city therefore u save rs 24000 to 30000 rs . consider this a good option
bye ,
best of luck

Answer by Dats 10 October 2009

Dear Bairavan,
First of all The Esteem is outdated Now,so Spares will become costly,
Secondly Maruti Cars are OK to Run for 3 Years, Out of this Period it will sound here & there.
I will Suggest you go For New Hyundai Santro increase your budget slightly, Its Far Better then OLD Esteem,
You will Feel useless investment after Buy this Car at cost of 3 Lac.
I will not Recommend the CNG/LPG Kit at all. If You can Take the Option with New Santro Factory/Showroom Fitted LPG/CNG Kit then it may be a good buy.

Thanks & Regards,
Mukesh Sharma

Answer by Mukesh Sharma 10 October 2009

My friend, hope you have heard of cars going up in flames at traffic signals (all these were fitted with LPG). So if you want to save money in the short term and watch the car burn, you should fit the LPG kits. If i were you i would not do that and hence the advise. You may ignore it.
Esteem is a very good and reliable car otherwise. Will never let you down.

Answer by Jac 10 October 2009

The cost of the esteem u can go for 2.75lakhs if u fit the LPG then the life of the engine will be 50000 kms less.

Answer by Harish 10 October 2009

Instead of paying Rs.3.0 lakhs for esteem, I suggest that you can go for Chaverlet Spark with factory fitted LPG for the price of over Rs.3.50 lakhs with three years warranty and free maintenance.
However if you are very particular about Esteem, you can go ahead as it is a fantastic car and most dependable car. I used my second hand Esteem car for over two years and drove well. I bought my old esteem at the Km of 51000 and drove up to 80000 with LPG Kit of Zavoli. You can buy any good brand. But resale value for Esteem is very low now a days. As I bought Chavy Spark LPG recently, I still feel you may think twice and decide whether to go for second hand car or new one for the price of your budget.

Answer by Subramanian 10 October 2009

Last 2 & 1/2 year i m using this car with LPG kit & i have no any problems , i got maximum avrage is 13.2 KM / Lt & i m fully satisfied.

Answer by Sanjay 10 October 2009

I have AT Auto Transmission fitted wth LPG for sale email me

Answer by Balaji 10 October 2009

Hi Dear friend

just 14 days ago i sold my maruti esteem Dec 2006 model only for Rs. 1.59 lac. When i purchase it from dealer the invoice was of Rs 5.72 lac. so first i suggest you please forget to buy esteem. And go with any Hatch Back Sedan car like I-10, SWIFT, ESTILO, SPARK e.t.c and many more options are available for you.

Answer by Manoj Mansukhani 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

Answer from Mr Ajay

3 L is ok if the condition is too good.

Dont fit any LPG kit, use it on petrol, even though kits available in
market claim they work fine, but a company fitted kit has warranty of
the company.

Also the old engine are not suited for LPG. The new models which come
with duo fuel faciltiy, the engines are also tuned for the same. Also
LPG damages the engine over the epriod of time.

Secondly esteem is fazed out model so think before you buy one.

Ajay K

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

Dear Sir,
I appreciate your choice but you have not mentioned the no. of owners,Milage of car,condition of tyres these are some important factors and affect the cost of the car directly.Secondly please do not install a LPG kit,you should go for a CNG rather than LPG because CNG is much more safer than LPG.

Thanks and kind regards,
D.N.Singh Narwal

Answer by D N Singh 10 October 2009

hi iam narendra iam planning to buy esteem car any model and i want to know waht is the milage in city and highway with petrol,disel, lpg

Answer by Narendra 05 May 2016
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