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Hello There! Thank you so much for your assistance regarding buying a used TATA Sierra and to clear technical concepts related with it. Could you please let me know can i buy a used Sierra in Turbo mode under 1Lakh below 2000 model, but must be in good condition, Used sierra models onward from 2000 are costly which are more than 2.5Lakh and my budget doesn't allow me to spend more than 1Lakh to buy this awesome vehicle. Secondly, i have tried a lot to search for a Sierra in turbo mode here at my end in North India (Delhi,Chandigarh), but didn't get anyone how has in turbo mode. And mostly found it in the South India. Could you please let me know the deal in the North India from where i can buy a used TATA Sierra (Turbo)under 1Lakh and where Cartrade's personals can do car's physical valuations easily in order to help me to buy a good sierra. Hope you will assist me yours best. Thanks, Permender
By Permender 10 October 2009

Hi Parmender, Don't worry you will get Turbo Sierra within 1 Lakh, may be 98-2000 model. wait for some time and search it.

Answer by Basha 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

You can get Turbo Sierra for around 1.0 lac. Please keep watching the used cars advertised .Currently physical valuation is not available.You can give us details in questions or mail pics to id .Wwe can tell if its worth buying the same or not.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

I am based out of Jaipur and I shall let you know if I come across one in good shape. There are quite a few this side, as people in Rajasthan seem to prefer the Sierra. All the best!!

Answer by Sasi Menon 10 October 2009

Hello everybody there, Thank you so much for your assistance on buying a used Sierra(turbo). I'll be waiting for all you Guys' help in getting me a sierra(turbo)in good condition under 1Lakh, if there would be one in the market at your end.

Thanking all of you and looking forward to the pleasure of hearing from you soon.


Answer by Permender 10 October 2009
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