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Hi Shiva, AVINASH PAWAR and SURESH, You all expressed your thoughts and experience about VERSA DX2. I too like that model for it's mutiple usage and Esteem's trustful engine. BUT......,, 1. My wife told that It's not a prestigious car like ESTEEM or ZEN( means Ugly look, but I LOVE IT) 2. I am going to buy in second hand way. so will it create any engine problem or some other maintenace continuously. I make promise to spend good amount immediately after I buy that. I have a deal in MARUTI TRU VALUE in Chennai. But every body confuse to go to esteem. Please tell me versa is GOOD OR SHALL I SKIP?????? 3. 2006 DX2, THEY DEMAND 3L, IS IT OK? TELL ME, I left today to buy that car by confusion. Tomorrow i will surely buy one car. So tell me URGENTLY THANKS, JEY
By Jey 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

It will be much better to skip this vehicle.Take some time to reconsider other options. However if you decide about Versa you can always get similar good conditioned Versa.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

Dear jey,
Ofcourse,as I mentioned earlier ONLY ONLY .......... THE APPEARANCE is bad for versa otherwise the performance, the space you get for 5 or 8 with luggage, the pick up, the ease of driving is great. the re-sale value is low as you aware that. Mileage will be around 11-12, it is not low as other esteem, ford like vehicles with 1.3 l engine give same mileage with only 5 people, but versa will carry 8 people plus luggage equal to 2 esteem/zen/ford/accent. FOR 2006 VERSA DX2 3L IS OK PROVIDED YOU HAVE TO CHECK THE ENGINE CONDITION AND OTHER THINGS LIKE ACCESSORIES, SEAT COVERS, ETC. hope I have given you a good comment to decide yourself further.

Answer by Suresh 10 October 2009

Hi Jey,
I feel the offer u had is over priced, so think twice before u buy it. Check with the kilometer run by the car if it is less then go for else drop the plan since u can buy a new one for 5 lacs. Test drive the vehicle. Yes as ur spouse told Versa is not as prestigious as Esteem but then still u can go for it. You need not worry abt the engine failure and maintenance issues. Maruti will take care of it. Dont get confused. Jus close ur eyes and go for it, if the deal and seller are worthy and trustable. Good luck!

Answer by Vetrivelmurugan 10 October 2009

It is better to Skip Versa. By appearance it will be good. But the Resale value is very bad. Spare part rate is High and also spare parts is not readily available. In fact I got a second hand car for a price of 3.5 lac and after a1.5 year I sold the same for 1.5 lac. Even if you are going for Exchange the same car in Maruti Show room they will ask for a price less than that. My option is Better to look for some other vehicle than VERSA.

Answer by Ravikumar 10 October 2009
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