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my ford ikon 1.3 clxi (Petrol) taking very long self battery is new one what is the problem any solutions please
By Kumar 10 October 2009

Check your battery AH with that of Ford prescribed. Ford suggests only their Original or Amaron.

Is the problem only for cold start?

Answer by Mathew 10 October 2009

its not self or battery problem..
check ur dynamo..power supply...

Answer by Arun 10 October 2009

how much old car is ??????
is it clxi or flair ,
if it is new then move to service centre and bang them ???
you will find the solution
withour seeing no can give you correct answer

Answer by Ashutosh 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

The battery needs to be checked for should be 9 Volts or above .If charge is good then The problem could be withthe ignition coil or condenser which needs to be insected at service center.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

If its a Motor craft battery from Ford,its fine. Otherwise your battery may not have the necessary cranking power for initial start. So as Mr S. Sankar & Mr mathew suggested you should check it out.Your ignition coil, spark plugs,and check your alternator to see if your battery is getting charged properly.

Answer by Tarun Thomas 10 October 2009

Sir my car hiccup when it slow and 9 kms mileage ikon1.3flair

Answer by Anwar 04 April 2017
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