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Hi, am having an offer to buy a daewoo Matiz car. its a March 2003 Model, 65000KMS done and 2nd owner. What price shall i quote? and is it a good choice to buy it? please advise me....!
By Bharath 10 October 2009


If the deal is not more than 1L, then you're Lucky.
Matiz is good choice for zipy drive inside the city,
but not suitable for long run.

You can change pumper to pumper in the TVS service cenres
for Matiz. No prob when the deal is like I SAID,

Answer by Jey 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

The price of around 1.0 lac will be a genuine offer considering reliability and resale value.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

The price of 1 lac is OK. The other consideration is Spares, which are not generally available even at a premium and generally spares donot match other cars specs.

Answer by RAKESH 10 October 2009

Your choice for purchasing Matiz is not advisable. You better go for Maruti 800 for alternative because the mechanism in matiz is little complicated and the spares are not available and you have to get the maruti 800 spares to suit the damaged parts of Matiz even if you are getting the same Matiz for Rs.50,000 is waste. Since you are getting Maruti latest for least price of 1 lak.

Answer by DKAMESWARAO 10 October 2009

I regret to say that all above said answers are overestimated the value of Matiz 2003 model is maximum of Rs.40,000/= if the vehicle is in very good condition.The reason for the low price is non availability of spare parts in the market.I would like to suggest you you should by Maruti Zen 2003 model instead of Matiz.I can assure you that the Zen is the best car in all middle segment cars.

Thanks and kind kind regards,
D.N.Singh Narwal

Answer by D N Singh Narwal 10 October 2009

Hi Bharath,
You can go for Matiz without listening to these maruti owners, as what this bloody 800 car is? It is a toy car, Even a two wheeler hits it, it junks and sunks, people just for a sake to have a car will buy 800 or maruti cars, where safety factor is totally neglected. S Joshi- Bangalore

Answer by S Joshi 10 October 2009

Are u crazy ? Dont buy a car that has been out of production for the past few years.

Answer by Robin Choudhury 10 October 2009

Yeah. Go in for a maruti 800 anyday. Matiz is not advisable for long drives. You can travel anywhere in your 800. The spares are costlyAnd not available most of the times.

Answer by DayDreamer 12 December 2010
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