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Hi, I am thinking of buying a Used Bajaj Avenger(2007-2008) Is it easy and cheap to maintain? what is the mileage i should expect. Most importantly while buying a used avenger what are the things i should check(probable problems) and how do i check them while test riding it or showing it to the mechanic? Thanx Neel
By Neel 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

Maintenance of Avenger is of average.Mileage can be around 45KMPL max.Some times fork problems can arise with long term usage.Check for Tyre condition, tappet sound, vibrations at 70 and above speed.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

avenger is a 180 pulsar dysi engine more maintaince ... like a pulsar .. millage 45/50 kmpl may highest...u may check bike follows ... run till 10 km and put it centre stand and see any oil leakage ...any vibration .. comffort by suspention noice in head bore .. good out look no repaint . check bottom side of tank no any welding .. and not broken handle bar stopper .. no sound in self . battery ins , tyre r ok .. and another easy way to bring vehicle to ur mech and ask how much expence in the vehicle to its perfact condition , he will say all faults

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 10 October 2009

I have an avenger for the last few years and I get a 38/40 K M P L.
Its a great bike. I have been maintaining it well with regular oil change and I dont know how the guy who is selling it to you has been maitaining.
Go with a mechanic and Check and buy
All the best
V Chithranath

Answer by V Chithranath 10 October 2009

Avenger DTS i200 cc is rigid bike. i have been using it last two years , apart from regular five free servicing i hadnt expense on it. off-course the way you handle it, servicing on mentioned kms would drasticaly helps in mainting the milage (38-40 kms/l )and extra long term expenses.
Bajaj keeps it maintenace cost also avg.

Answer by Sagar Kumavat 10 October 2009

Avenger 200cc is good bike with low maintaince with city condition millage between 45-50 kmpl. Before owning it run it for 5-10 kms and see any oil leakage on the engine, check the timing sound, tyre condition and repaint if any. Check battery condition since this is only self-start vehical or bring vehicle to ur mechenic and ask for the expence to bring into perfact condition.

Answer by Saorabh Kumar 10 October 2009
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