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I want to know that Is Chevrolet spark LPG version or New Estilo better as per the performance, mileage, maintenance and service.I am going to buy my first car. So i need answers from experts in this area. Is there any other model suitable other than above two?
By Amit K 10 October 2009

Go for spark LPG blindly, Its great in all respect

Answer by Vinit Zaveri 10 October 2009

Go for estilo...Just take a test drive and decide ur self. Its having superb K series engine,no need to talk much abt maruti services and More than 18 Avg(ARAI Certified) what else u want...or A Star is also a gud option if u r ready to sacrifice space a bit :)

Answer by Jitendra 10 October 2009

take estilo.... new and fresh car..... best mileage.... good space... great engine....

Answer by Dheeraj 10 October 2009

Just go buy a "SPARK", it is much better than estilo, no doubt that estilo is good but its just too plain in all respects (looks, driving, interiors). Spark is very much better in all aspects. Just ask any expert to choose from these 2 cars any the answer would be SPARK.

Answer by Gautam 10 October 2009
Expert`s comment:

Aamong the two going for Spark LPG would be more economical in terms of money invested and running costs.However its mainly selection between LPG version and petrol version car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

spark is good car in- look -very good space
3.brand- international prestigious brand
4.performance- comparative good in this segment
5.mileage- good 13-15km/l
6.interior- very good overall
7.comfort- very good
but, cons are-
1.poor dealer and service centre availabilty (not less important as u need it afterward most)
2.GM strategy not clear,dealers makes their own policy for discounts and freebee( varies very much and change frequently)
3.personally i observed that engine comparatively get hot very much, as smell felt when car is ON and stopped at RED light

ESTILO lack all good features mentioned above as for spark except spacious inside and new K series engine but good service availabilty, proved vehicle brand on indian roads are in favour .
u compare urself and decide.

Answer by RAKESH 10 October 2009

Go for SPARKKKK blindly.
Maruti cars are nothing compare to this MINI Wonder and other GM Creations. MOney spend to purchase a Maruti is only the wastage of your MOney. Nothing better than GM. It is true that GM lacks in its service centres and Maruti has too much of service centres,. It is because Maruti needs it very much and Gm or other like Hundai etc does not need its wear & tear so frequently. You will understand and will find the difference when you purchase a Maruti or Spark. Spark is really a ONE TIME INVESTMENT with lot of satisfaction..... So go ahead as other experts or users suggested.

Answer by Niyam 10 October 2009

Hi Sachin,Are u suggesting spark petrol/lpg version? i am also in dilemma to choose one.How ever can you share about stuffs like warranty, maintenance, cost of spark.

Answer by Amit K 10 October 2009
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