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Hi every one i have a swift diesel vdi to sell. It is loaded with accesories. it has 17 inch chrome mac wheels, 215 size low profile tyres, angel eyed head lamps, tail lamps , body skirtings, spoiler, dvd player, woofer & amplifier & has a extended warrant wit the maruti dealer upto February 2011. gives mileage of 18 kmpl with AC on. Its Red Colour, 49000 kms. Feb 2007 model. Goa Registration, & m the first owner Expecting 450000/- Any 1 interested? i have posted a add on cartrade india selling it as have booked a maruti dezire

By Desmond Dsouza on Oct 1, 2009


  • 1.Extended warranty ends automatically if you sell car (change of ownership).
    2.All swift diesels give miledge of 18+ if driven sensibly. can not expect more than 4 lakhs at 50000 Kms running.
    Answer by SagarAde on Oct 1, 2009

  • At the max can give u 3 lakhs...
    Answer by Haris on Oct 1, 2009

  • My offer is for 3.5L if interested to sell pls call 09817320820
    Answer by Himanshu on Oct 1, 2009

  • 3,60,000.00 thats my offer. so if interested mail me on my e-mail id.
    Answer by Puneet Malhotra on Oct 1, 2009

  • Ya I'd be willing to up to about 4 lac..
    Car has done a lot of mileage.. The accessories depriciates quite a bit once put in the car.. If interested you can mail me on and i'll come to goa to have a look at it.
    Answer by Quraish on Oct 1, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    Wish you all the best.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Oct 2, 2009

  • if its non-accidental & delhi registration thn will give 3.5las for ur car max...if interested thn call me at 9910405251
    Answer by Dipanshu on Oct 7, 2009

  • thanks for your queries mate. I sold the car for 4.5 lacs :)
    Answer by Desmond on Oct 10, 2009

  • Expert How/where did you sell it? Just curious.
    Answer by Akshay on Oct 10, 2009

  • Hi Akshay,
    i sold it here in my village itself. it happened so 1 of my old frnd had cum down in goa for vacations from the gulf. so he wanted to purchase a car. 1 of my frnd told him that i had a cra for sale. he came to see the car & straightaway closed the deal :)
    buying a sx4 now. dropped the dezire plan
    any news of when sx4 diesel is gonna be launched?
    Answer by Desmond on Oct 10, 2009

  • Expert The SX4 is being relaunched this week. Let's see what they are presenting as things seem rather shrouded in mystery!
    Answer by Akshay on Oct 11, 2009

  • this question is almost 1.5 years old.for now,
    sx4 diesel is now launched in 2011 and you can buy today selling your previous owning car.

    i like your swift dude.
    Answer by Mantra on Mar 10, 2011

  • thanks dude
    i already hav a sx4 petrol which i bought in october 2009 after selling the swift....
    Answer by Desmond on Mar 10, 2011

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