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i am in a great confusion to buy the upcoming variant of sx4 and new honda city.....kindly guide me in this situation and also give me more information about upcoming sx4 so that i can compare it to new honda city 1.5 VT.....
By ARJUN 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Honda City has all the advantages of better fit and finish, style, performance compared to SX4 but at slightly higher cost. City Should be given top priority.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009

if u stay in metro and has ltd long movements there is no match 2 h city but if u r a frequent mover or stay in some town just go for suzuki/sx4 there is hardly any service support of honda inlot of states and cities for if u plan 2holidayin himachaland any prob i city u willhave to tow vehicle 2 chd.................................

Answer by Sanjay 10 October 2009

Undoubtably hoda city is unbeatable by SX4.
In terms of power, saftey or milage city wins all way from SX4.

Answer by Vinit Zaveri 10 October 2009

buy d newly re launced honda city. the best car in its segment trust me n go for it..........

Answer by Sahil 10 October 2009

honda is many times better than any car so if it comes to comparison dont even give a second thought just buy honda city.

Answer by Puneet 10 October 2009

Dont get confused. Go for Honda City. They are trying to put some life in a dead SX4 by changing its transmission. Dont get fooled. New Honda city is best petrol car in its segment.

Answer by Farid 10 October 2009

Honda City Rocks !!! You can never compare SX4 with City... Ofcourse its expensive than SX4 but if it's within your budget then don't think of the alternatives!!!

Answer by Naveen 10 October 2009

Go for city, no need for any confusion

Answer by Suresh 10 October 2009

I love Honda city.I am using honda cars for more than 4 years.Just 9 months back i sold my old honda city and purchased new one.Yes it is a fuel efficient car compared to SX4, but for indian roads i strictly say sx4 is the best.Honda has not done good R@D on Indian roads.It touches most of the humps.Suzuki SX4 is meant for tall and short people.
One more problem is that the front door frame is too inclined(ie,the windshield).Tall people have to bend and slide inside, this creates back problem.

Answer by Ramesh 10 October 2009

Honda city beats SX4 in all aspects except for two things in comparison with my 2007 v-tec model: 1. Low Ground Clearance and 2. Unexpectedly low torque in 2nd gear! I understand that the second point has been addressed in 2009 version. If you are predominantly driving in better roads with not so high speed breakers or deep pot holes, please go for Honda City. It is a segment benchmark and has a higher resale value too.

Answer by Aravind Raman 10 October 2009

looks - go by ur choice

everything else - SX4

because SX4 is a better overall package for its value for money, features, service network and road presence and SUV stance. its a big car with a 104bhp engine(expected)(cannot beat city here), alloy wheels, climate control, height adjustable driver seat(though manual), steering mounted controls and so on......n all this at a price 1,50,000 cheaper than city....

i wonder whether maruti is having a functional marketing department or not, if they have then hw companies like honda establish themselves with a product that is lesser in worth but is sold at a premium price

Sx4 is not far off from city in terms of ride quality and then y should men care about a softer ride when they can have the punch and SUV like feel of SX4.

Answer by Parvesh Sethi 10 October 2009
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