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Hi i have seen an advertise its a japan model nissan sunny and he is giving me that car for 165000/- on the port of mumbai after that what are the formalities to get the registration no. in mumbai and wat will be the charges for the same?
By Ameet 09 September 2009


There are many ads claiming brand new and used cards delivery at indian ports. 99.99% these are fake nad just want to swindle you of your hard earned money.

Answer by Wilfred 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Yes Mr Wwilfred has given good information. It wont be a good idea to go for that.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2009

Please check the mail, correctly, i am sure its a fake mail,
Tell him/ her to send the car to mumbai and once you get the bill of lading, you can make the payment, Nissan sunnny is a good car and in japan used car market you will get the same for $2000/-
bewere before making any payment to them.
if you really need imported car then go for good exporter such as, or JAPANTRADECAR.COM etc.

Answer by Manoj 10 October 2009

nissan is a beautiful company.u need to know the import rules before u order a car.
1)u cannot buy a car which is more than 3 years old.
2)the car must be a right hand drive.
3)the car should match the rules of indian roads.
4)the car speedo meter should be in kilometres not in miles.
5)the import duty in 100-120 percent of the car value.
6)the value of the car will be assertained by the import officials. no matter what price u buy the car for.
7)if u import a car worth 10 lacks, be ready with 25-30 lacks in hand.
8)fuck the idea pal our government is run by assholes.
9)if u get a car even after that. contact me, i'll buy it from u cause i know u will not be able to get the spares for it if it has a problem in future.
10) sorry to rain on the parade, but, if it was easy, i would own a dozen cars by now.
cars are my biggest passion. and that too japsese cars...yummy....i love them

Answer by Chaitanyac 11 November 2009
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