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what is the difference between FIAT PALIO STILE and GRANDE PUNTO ?? (DIESEL VERSIONS).
By Arjun 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Palio diesel is 1.6 liter engine 101 BHP it far more powerful than the Punto 1.3.Punto has the advantage of better style and updated engine.If perforamcne is the main criteria then Stile Sport will be best choice.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009

Hi Arjun,
The engine units in both Palio Stile and Punto (diesel versions)are the same. They both run on the 1.3 Multijet engines from FIAT. This is the same unit that can be found on the Swift, Indica Vista , Dzire as well. Difference wise, the punto is much more modern in terms of style and design.Both cars are good handlers with a good quality ride and returns fair economy. The 1.6 Shiva mentioned is the Palio Stile Petrol version which is more of a performance enthusiast - a hot hatch. Hope this helps

Answer by Abhilash 09 September 2009

Dear Arjun,
Both diesel cars (Palio Stile and Grande Punto) share the same engine and gearbox. However, the ECS mapping in both cars are slightly different and the Grande Punto has revised gear ratios. Driveability in the Grande Punto is much better, as the turbo lag is lesser than in the Palio Stile. However, the Grande Punto is heavier and therefore may feel like a bigger car than the Stile. Styling wise, there is no comparison really, as the Grande Punto is from the latest family of Fiat cars (including the Linea etc). Hope this answers some of the questions that you may be having in mind.

Answer by Sasi Menon 09 September 2009

dear srjun, pls take test drive punto diesel/you sit in punto seat look rich bcg car make on lenia platform dash board is same standing look is compare to palio/punto look like big car and palio is 8year old model so why you spend money in old model.

Answer by Devinder Yadav 09 September 2009

Hi Arjun
The main difference (engine) is Punto has same engine but slightly higer BHP and Torque like Swift Deisel. Punto has lots of equipments onboard which makes driving comfortable and safer.

Answer by Antony J 10 October 2009

Hi Everyone,

I want to know which one of this cars has the best features in both performance and looks.
Fiat Premier 118 ne Diesel or Fiat Palio ??

I tried searching the answer but couldn't get the best advice. Can any one get the answer please...

Answer by Shakthi 06 June 2013
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