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which is best even if both have same engine? HH HUNK HH CBZ EXTREM? COS, CBZ is selling high in quntity. I heard that CBZ EXREAM has the same engine of HH ACHIEVER. Is it true? If yes then why HH stopped that model? Please let know the real things to understand the motor news, Thanks, saro

By Sarvan on Sep 24, 2009


  • exteem is comfort to sit insteed of hunk ... extreem / acheever engine r same only outer case r diffrent ... all companies r closing its best prouduction if they dont close they cant run there busness . now all manufacturer r try to push there product by only good show but cant use for 10/15 years continue for example best model closed list ...YAMAH RX 100/135/ RXG CAN USE WITHOUT HEADAKE OF MAINTAINCE YEAR BY YEAR... HERO HONDA >>> CD 100 SS . SPLENDOR ( FIRST STARTING MODEL )) YET MANY OF PEOPLE USING THESE BIKE TILL 15 YEARS MORE...BAJAJ CHAMPION 4S/ CALIBER / CALIBER 115/ M50 .. M80 R BEST PRODUCT BUT CLOSED ...SUZUKI MAX 100R BEST POPULAR MODEL TVS 50 ALSO STOPED ..ROYAL ENFIELD G2 MODEL .. NOW PRODUCT COMING LIKE CHINA BAZAR USE AND THROUGH ... IF COMPANY STILL PRODUCT THESE MODEL THEY MUST CLOSE THERE BUSNESS LIKE IDLE JAWA/ RAJDOOT .// API ((LAMBRETTA )) BECAUSE WHO WILL BUY NEW WHEN OLD BIKE RUNNING IN PERFECT CONDITION. SO THIS R BUSSNESS LONG TIME TRICS
    Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai on Sep 25, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    Among the two CBZ extreem will be a better option for style and performance.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 26, 2009

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