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Hi Experts, i am planing to buy a Fiat Palio 1.6 petrol car which is 2002 model. i saw the car and it looks good but havent driven it yet. pls advice as to what all should i check while test driving and what should i check to see if the engine is good or not. awaiting for a reply. T6hanks
By Nirmal Jude 09 September 2009

Please contact 'VERICAR' who certify after testing such cars. Please find details from the web as I do not have. It appears that they carry out some 10 point test and fix the value as well as give you their opinion on the condition of the car. Their charges are nominal.

Answer by N CHANDRASEKHAR 09 September 2009

Palio 1.6 is a great car with amazing smoothness and tremendous power.But it a guzzler. If you dont mind heavy fuel bills or If your usage is limited well you can go for it.It is maintanace free and spares are available of course in certain places like TVS.

Answer by Prabakar N 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Hi Answer from Rishikesh.
the fiat palio 1.6 is the best car that fiat has ever had in india. the engine is superb, before you buy it some normal checks that you can perform are,

when you start the car, just accelerate it and see if it has any vibrations on the steering, also put your hand on the gear knob to analyse if you get any vibrations on the same. if the vibration is on the steering the car engine has been reinstalled, also if you get a vibration on the gear lever it has a wek floor / chasis.
the second check is start the car atleast 10-15 times after shutting it down, Palio is one car that will start in the coldest of the conditions and the hottest. at the same time, it should not be accelarated, start the car without your foot on the accelerator. see the MPFI light coming in and going off when you put the car on ignition, but before starting. the red light displays the mpfi functioning, and it goes off in 2-3 secs, any time longer than that opens a window for MPFI Issues, which would be the BIGGEST.

rest everything is just cosmetic, like the power windows central locking etc. fiat cars have a capacity of running error free and break-down free for up to 400'000 kms, however with proper servicing done at regular intervals and even Wheel Allignment and Balancing. so the best car and by far the fastest car you can buy, it can cruise at speeds of 150-180 without even letting you realise.

i own a fiat palio 1.2 sport



Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Going for Palio is a god option . While checking vehicle pay attention to Overall body condition like dents, painting, visible under body damages. Under hood check for oil leakages, wornout hose pipes, battery condition. In interiors check for upholstery conditions. In dickey check for sparewheel condition, rusting etc.Take the vehicle for test drive and check for vibrations, unusual noise from engine .wheel humming sound, acceleration etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009

Hi Nirmal,Palio GTX is a great performer with an incomparable pickup.Of course low in fuel efficiency.Amongst other usual things check for rusting under belly and in the radiator part which I feel is slightly more in Palio.Otherwise go and enjoy the drive,

Answer by SAMIR 09 September 2009
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