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I am in a dilemma over which car to buy, the widely accepted WAGON R, which has been on the roads for quite some time, or the new ESTILO with a new K-Series engine? Please comment on the two cars and advise. Thanks.
By Manabjyoti Choudhury 09 September 2009

Hi, It looks like you wnated to go for Suzuki only.

Go for Hundai i10. It is not a good idea to buy a Wagon R as soon the new model is coming and it is not a face lift like Zen Estilo but a whole new car.


Answer by Puneet Sharma 09 September 2009

Hi Manabjyoti Choudhury,
I am also in same position where you are. Please tell me what model you prefer based on your investigation from your friend circle, relatives and any other source.I like new estilo. but cannot decide which one to buy.We can sure that Estilo has the same engine that AStar and Ritz have but donot know how it performs on road. What you say about this?

Answer by Amit 09 September 2009

Amit, I would definitely like to share my findings with you as both of us are in the same fix, but I don't know your e-mail i.d.

Answer by Manab 09 September 2009

Go for the zen, it has a new and tested engine which is also shared with a star

Answer by Guriqbal 09 September 2009

Hi, If you have made your mind to Maruti only, then i would prefer you to by New Zen Estilo. As this car is not only come with its face lifting but also, has latest K-Series engine. Which gives you better drive experience. And if you are serching for Non maruti then you have many option,and you can buy them without thinking. Models like i10, Punto, Vista.

Answer by PANKAJ SHARMA 09 September 2009

Thanks every one for participating. Manab, you can contact me in this id--
Sometimes it put me in doubt that if new Estilo is good, then why people are not buying this car. I even have not seen this car on road till now. We can continue on this discussion.

Answer by Amit 09 September 2009

Hi I wud Suggest u to go for Estilo(neither WagonR nor I10),
The obvious reason is K Series Engine.

Answer by Jitendra 09 September 2009

Hi ! I, personally was confused between these two + chevrolet spark and hyundai i 10. i took the test drive of all the cars and found estilo much better. i hv selected estilo vxifor myself. The engine was very responsive, pick up and driving was effortless. Plus the space in the car especially the boot space is just like wagon R. Infact, i would say its a wagon r in estilo's skin.
If you could wait for feb 2010 or april 2010, wagon r might be launching its new version of wagon r. i saw the new wagon r launched in japan early this year. it was awesome. i am sure, it will zooooooom as soon as it is launched.
If you cannot wait then go for for estilo. its wonderful.

Answer by Rohit 09 September 2009

Let me tell you one thing, What do you want power, performance,look OR only Look and new technology? You might be knowing that WagonR has 4 Cylinders as compared to the 3 cylinders in the new or old estilo. So average of 3 cylindered engine will be more but power and zippyness of the 4 cyl will be the game of matter. Just ride both the cars, and i personnaly feel that u will choosw wagonR as it is peppy in performance. Go For WagonR. 4 cyl technology will be better than 3 cyl(ask any engineer or IIT mechanic or student)

Answer by Dr Vijay 09 September 2009

out of them go for estilo.this is not zen mind it it is a complete new car,else go fro i10.i am not talking about zen estilo i'm talking about new face lifted only estilo it is very recently launched n u will c it on the sale chart going high very soon

Answer by Tilak 09 September 2009

take estilo very gud car and a very new and responsive engine. best in mileage... and power....

Answer by Dheeraj 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Among the two Estillo wil be a better option for upgraded engine.Wagon R engine will also be upgraded sooner or later and hence resale value of existing one will come down soon.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009
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