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Hi Shiva and Friends, IS IT WORTH TO BUY SECOND SALE FORD MONDEO or HYUNDAI SONATA( OLD VERSION)? B'COS I like these two cars by their rich look and guts. But I think both are giving slight maintainece cost to customers. If we buy one of these cars How much I can give to a good condtion car.

By ALSOSIOUS on Sep 20, 2009


  • I suggest you to prefer Opel Vectra which has got same milage of the Sonata & mondio ( 6.4 Kmpl) & its engine is 2.4L, where as both this cars having 2L engine, also Air bags & rear AC vent in Vectra are add on goodies....

    I own a old sonata, 2002 model, seller told me it will give around 10 Kmpl in city but what i got is 6.3Kmspl. hence i suggest you to prefer vectra u may have to pay around 4Lakhs maximum but u will definately enjoy..
    Answer by Swapnil Natu on Sep 20, 2009

  • Hello Swapnil,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    But may I put LPG kit in that? If I fit LPG Does the engine
    make some problem or not?
    What is the maintainence of VECTRA.

    Answer by ALOSIOUS on Sep 20, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    Among the two Mondeo has comparitively cheaper maintenance than that of Sonata,also available at a bit cheaper price hence recommended to go for Mondeo.Going for Vectra is alo not a bad idea but availability is very less.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 21, 2009

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