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Dear Sir, I would like to buy a new car within the budget of 2.75, I prefer Santro Xing ordinary without AC and Power steering. Is it possible to fit company AC later, what will be the cost? Is it the fitted AC trouble free? What is the mileage of new santro xing eRLX in city without AC? Is it power steering reduce mileage? What is the cost of fitting power window for santro xing ordinary? kindly suggest. with regards, Anu Jose Kerala
By Anu Jose 09 September 2009

I own Santro GLS. It has a very poor mileage in Delhi traffic City - 10km/l with AC , 13km/l without AC .Highway - 16 km/l with AC and 18-19 km without AC @ speed of 60-90km/hr.

Answer by Vishal 09 September 2009

Dear Anu Jose,
I don't think, the new Santro car comes without AC.It is something that is customizable.As far as your budget is concerned, i would suggest to wait for some time.During year end company comes up with some offer price, which would be cheaper then what is now.
Yes the car is pretty good and there is absolutely no problem with it.


Answer by Arvind 09 September 2009

ac fitted outside will work fine, maynto be as effective as company fitted, engine may heat up if not fitted by a prper ac guy. Bargain for dealer discount whic dealers get from the manufacturer, also bargain for insurance discount which the delaer get from the insur com, also bargain fro corporate discount which manufacutere give to many corporates, ask ur delaer to fit you in that category, go to atleast 3 dealers, i am sure cost of your car wil come down further, santro rlx is a superb car, v, comfy, avergae is very good 15 normally, 13 with ac in city traffic, poer steering has no effect on reducing mileage, rls already has power window the front, the version withiut ac will not have it, but do not go for fititng poer windows sep, it will be very costly, rolling th eindows up and down is no problemand with ac on you wil hardly roll it down

Answer by Hemant 09 September 2009

I wud suggest u better go for Chevy Spark (at 2.70 lacs with AC & Power Steering) or go for Alto (around 2.6 lacs with AC & Power Steering)..Tampering with the originality of the car may disturb its performance...i guess cost of AC fitting would be around 20-25K...

Answer by Jalaj Soni 09 September 2009

hi jose,
i am satisified with my santro purchased 9 years back. you may get festive discount and it may fall in your budget otherwise you may try spark.milage in city falls10to 13 km

Answer by Ravi 09 September 2009

santro vehicle is good. But I do not think Santro comes with out A/c. My suggesstion is to buy Standard Santro model whatever is with in your budget and fit the accessosories at a latter date with company itself though it costlier than outside. You will get proper attention when u visit for service. Regarding milage with or wothout A/c the actual difference will be approximately 2 KM per litre. Within city u will get around 13Km and outside city maximum upto 15 km Hope this info will meet your requirements and help u to decide.
N.S. Venkateswaran

Answer by Venkateswaran 09 September 2009

Dear Sir,
If u have budget of rs.2,75,000/- the best car you should buy is Maruti Alto LX, its the best car in this segment with great milage very minimum maintnance cost n really economy for long run. Service of maruti is excellent and u will be happy in future. A/C of Alto is praised by everyone n u can check it with any alto owner & in Alto LX A/c is factory fitted so i will super strongly recommend you to go for Maruti ALTO LX. It will smoothly fit in yr budget & u will get AC with best milage n lowest maintenance expenses.

Answer by Anish Desai 09 September 2009


i think power steering is must for city drive, and ac is also a basic need if u r thinking abt car, always buy a car wid ac and power steering, as far as my thinking u can go for spark ps, it is in ur budget including ac.and ps, and also wid nice pack of 3 yrs service free. just go and take a test drive. u can read reviews and im sure u will get more milage thn santro.

Answer by Sanjeev 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

It will be a better idea in going for a Santro with AC.Even if its fited from outside, the cost of fitting new AC would cost around 25000 Rs or so.if the same is invested now itself youcan have better comfort levels inthe car. Santro Xing eRLX gives mileage of around 18 KMPL and there can be difference of 2KMPL with AC on.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009

Keeping in mind the genuinety and after sale services, its better to go for company fitted A/c.

Answer by Sushil Kumar 09 September 2009

Dear Anu,

Let me try yo answer ur quest in sequence.

1. I believe the budget u have, santro cannot fit in it. Alto is a better option but as 800CC (0.8L) engine slags.

2. Santro comes with AC as standard. U can go for a model of without P.S but it will b difficult to Drive 1.1L engine vehicle (Santro) without a P.S. Pl Note: It has a hydrolic PS & not EPS (Electronic). So u can check a test drive.

3. After market fitting of AC is not advisable as it need to reopen complete things again & its success purely depends on the skills of labour.

4. New Santro, as frds stated will give u 16-18kmpl on highways & 12-15 on City trafic depending on ur driving habits. Pl do note, Santro if not properly serviced & drove can also lead to drink fuel and deliver average of 6kmpl.

5. Power Steering does not effect fuel efficiancy. It works on OIL (Hydrolics in Santro). After fit Power Window will cost u roughly 5-6K for front 2 doors & 10-14K for all doors. Xenos can b checked for the same. Its prefered.

Pl mail me incase any more doubts.
email :

Answer by Tamseel 09 September 2009
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