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Please dont purchase any new royal enfield as it is not better then old also original bikes r arriving shortly in india HARLEY DAVIDSON

By Jatt on Sep 16, 2009


  • Standard enfield is make ENGLAND so wait u will get Harley
    Answer by Jatt on Sep 16, 2009

  • is not a good to say dont purchase ,new bullet price is near 1 lac can hardlydavidson can buy in this range .. new bullet give 45 millage can we expect 45 kmpl from old bullet .. biking is a defend on a bikers taste . some person like one type another dislike ...
    Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI on Sep 16, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    Its good thing that Harley Davidson bikes will be available in India.But the main thing is the cost which will not be less than 8 lac minimum. So the demand for the Royal enfield will always be there. Even today with lot of competition among bikes raging in different capacities like 100,115,125 etc people enthusiastic about the the style and the sound of bullet still dont mind spending 1 lac for new one.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 17, 2009

  • for india bullet is perfect if one think of price, milage, style, passion, engineering design etc. best of luck.
    Answer by Donland on Sep 28, 2010

  • Hii......dude bullet is bullet.u can't compare with any bike....I know harley is nice bike but if we see price then most of the pepole are not able to purchase harley.and Harley is not for medium class family.
    Answer by Mukesh Kumar Dubey on Jul 18, 2011

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