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could you suggest me which car I will purchase either i20Magna(petrol) or Swiftvxi(petrol)as per perfornance,safety,fuel economy and future maintenance
By Saurabh Ku Srivastava 09 September 2009

Performance - Swift VXI, Safety - I20 Magna, Fuel Economy - nothing much to choose - very similar, Future maintenance - the swift will be cheaper to maintain since it has been around for a longer while. Would therefore suggest that you rank these parameters in order of priority, take a test drive of each of these vehicles and then see which one suits you more.

Answer by Sanjeev Chopra 09 September 2009

swift vxi will be the better choice but it doesn't mean i-20 is bad. both are good cars but as a wide opinion go for swift.if you take swift zxi it got defogger will help you to see more clear rear glass during the rain season and humid climate.i myself have a swift vxi and found it is a amazing car but only the disappointment is the lack of defogger the rest all superb.

Answer by Rajeev 09 September 2009

Hi Saurabh, I would suggest you to go with I20. I have driven both and found I20 more stylish impressive interiors great confort and handling, very smooth steering and gear shifting. Driving I20 makes you feel like driving a big car. Good boot space, Rear Ac, Inbuilt sterio, defogger etc are some of the features. Take a test drive of both and decide.

Answer by Jasmeet 09 September 2009

go in for i20 i have an asta diesel model and it is an performance vehicle and safety is concerned it is the first indian car to pass euro ncap test and braking is awesome which is a big setback in swift in swift when u are at a high speed it is very hard to stop the car but i20 it is awesome go in for i20

Answer by Sanmeet 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Clearly i20 does make a better selection (excluding price factor) for its updated style and performance including features.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009

go for i20 that wil be good selection.

Answer by Jayanth 09 September 2009
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