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which isgood car in comprasion to engine durability, maintence, life and overall car in terms of resale n value for money between fiat linea em pack desil n cheverlet optra magnum lt tcdi pls repley in detail
By Anant Jain 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Optra Magnum has edge over Linea in terms of power output,interior space. Fiat Linea has slightly better features and has fresh looks.Both are good selection, Optra magnum makes slightly better selection in terms of overall performance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009

Hi Anant,

I went through a similar dialema over a month back when I was choosing between Linea, Verna & Optra magnum. There is no 1 choice when picking a car, it totally depends on individual tastes...

Let me try & answer your question in parts-

The first thing which you need to understand is Optra Magnum is a C+ segment vehicle when compared to Linea
On a scale of 1-5--> Optra ranks 5/5 in terms of comfort, luxury & space- many ways better than 2007/ 08 Civic & Octiva

Engine Durability / driving pleasure/ smooth transmission-->
Both Fiat & Chevy Engines are supposed to be good in terms of durability, however Chevy Magnum's engine produces a far superior torque, smooth transmission & power outclassing FIAT in every domain except milage. However we cant compare apples to oranges here, since magnum has a 121ps, 2.0ltr to what linea offers.
Also the torque is similar to what you find in vehicles like Mercedes & BMW-- so drivability is awsome in mangum

The magnum gear box is something to get used to at low speeds, you would need to understand how it works, if u r on 1/2 gear in traffic don't use the accelerator/ let the car move ahead itself (you get this to happen only in 1st gear in other cars/ I don't use first gear, mostly on the second gear and w/o acceleration the car can get up-to speeds of 20- 25kmph- very useful in traffic), however if you have the habit of using accelerator to control the car / like other maruti's & mid sized cars u might find it little frustrating to move in traffic

Linea features an engine which is similar to the one used in new Indigo, Swift & Dezire. Performance / driving pleasure was not amongst the first thing in mind for those who designed the engine.
Also the gear transition in Linea is notchy

Magnum has very spacious interior, I am 6.1" and I dont need to pull my seat back, and yet the back leg space is awsome(& unlike other Sedan's I dont need to push myseat to as back as possible). With Leathers & wood finish inside the car looks very classy and luxurious.
However no fancy equipments like Steering controls, single unit display showing temp, service duration, fuel indicator etc

Cons- The instrument panel is like on Ford & Renault- designed for left hand drive/ however you would get used to it.
The steering is little huge/ hence response is not as quick as you would expect (its a hydraulic assist power steering,not eps) so if you r getting an LS you could change the steering wheel to a smaller one.
However one gets used to it, adn @ speeds over 60ks, the steering response gets more welcoming.
Fiat out classes Magnum in terms of steering design & interior gadgets, blue tooth & me (this can be sorted by putting in a 2 din- touch screen navigation sys with blue tooth costs 25k- JVC)
magnum interiors- 4/5
Fiat interiors- 3/5
Fiat controls/ switches/ gadgets- 5/5
Magnum Controls/ switches/ gadgets/ 3/5

Linea is too new to be rated on maintenance.
For magnum you recieve cashless ownership for 3 years/ 45k kms + 50k kms warranty
You can actually run your car without spending a penny for 3 years

Value for money + resale value--->
Both cars have value for money, the only question is if you want a C or C+ segment car...

Answer by Tharun Venkat 09 September 2009
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