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Hi I am planning to buy a Sonata Gold-Dec 2003 make which has done 41850 kms.It seems in a good condition though requires a lil bit of refurbishing.I want to ask you is it worth taking the deal for 2.5 lacks and if not then what should be the price.Its a first owner car and culd you also plz guide me that if kept properly and with a CNG kit, how frequently it may ask for servicing and what will be the average cost for servicing thnx and regards ankur
By Ankur 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

It will be good deal inbuying Sonata Gold for 2.5 lac if available in good condition.The disadvantage of Sonata is costly spares and maintenance costs. Fitting of CNG is not recommended as there can be increased maintenance problems due to loss pick up and other problems after usage of around 25000 KM or so. The general service bill could be around 5 to 10 K and may vary according to replacememt of spares.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009


I think its a good buy..

But i dont agree with Shiva Shankar on the general service bill amount.. cause i own a Sonata Gold 2001 model aprox 94K on the meter..

Some important points to consider before buying the car

1)Look underneath the car and check for dents and bruises. in case damaged stay away cause the sonata gold has a really low clearance height .

2) Check underneath the spare tyre for rust and look in all the nooks of the car for rust

3) Ask Your local trusted mechanic for a complete mechanical checkup this would include engine, suspension, and other mechanics.

4) Like Shiva stated I also agree that CNG will Kill the car

5) Your general maintenance bill at the showroom will be aprox 1800 - 2500 INR

6) There is a slight shortage of spares but all are available at the showroom

7) Just because your buying the car for 2.5 lakh does not mean the car is cheap cause you have to remember that this is a premium car from the hyundai stable and hence parts are also priced similarly and it sold for aprxo 14 to 15 lakh

Most important The sonata gold is an excellent drivers car and i love the way it handles
Hope this helps

Answer by MArlon 09 September 2009

Its good to here that u r buying a Hyudnai Sonata Gold, but please get the Clutch Proerly checked, as the clutch work is minimum 35k & varies upto 75K which i enquired with service people( HYUNDAI). I too got Sonata 2002, around 61K run, but the problem is the Clutch is quite tight & operates at the end play of around 1 Inch.... & as clutch cant be considered as warranty aspect, car can run further max, 15K Kms. afterwords i have to get the rectification done at any cost.
Also check all Lether interiors, as Lether interiors will cost you around 1Lakh, & u cant replace only one seat if u have to do so,
Also plz note that this vehicle will not give u good milage, Hardly 6.3Kms /L with AC in City which i have recorded till date.

CNG Kits are suitable only for Diesel Cars & for petrol cars u can put only LPG,which are good i heard ( the newly launched direct injection type) which will never harm ur engine & pick up.

Overall car is good but i would suggest you to please re think once again before purchasing as parking is the most most biggest problem, also all spares of the car are very very costly,

I took the car because the distance i travel is hardly 13 Kms ( up & down from my office to home)& i use car only 3 times a week, other times whenever i go for long trips with my family /friendz.
If ur travelling distance is more than 30 Kms per day then i suggest you to re think about some other efficient car, or think a big but Diesel car like Skoda Octavia which is as good as sonata.....else i suggest you to go with 2.7V6 model which will give u good pleasure like Mercedes Benz-S Class & milage of 4 to 5 Kms /L....

Swapnil Natu.

Swapnil Natu.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 09 September 2009

The PRICE is too high of u are buying hyndai sonata of 2003 in 2.5 lac the price should be 1 lac if it is in good condition

Answer by Musharraf 01 January 2020
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