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My 99 Model Indica DLX gives an average milage of 18 km /ltr.But the initial pick up when the vehicle starts moving is very slow especially when AC is on.. Is there any way to make it better without any damage to other parts? Regards, Majurenj.R
By Majurenj 09 September 2009

Dear Majurenj, check your Fuel Pump settings.

Answer by Harpreet Singh 09 September 2009

Dear majurenj check your radiator i think it will chock go for radiator cleaning and put a new coolant castrol protector it will help definitely.

Answer by Sanjiv Arora 09 September 2009

Dear majurenj garu please check with radiator and FIP (fuel injection pump) with a auth. person, hope your issue can be closed,

Answer by Kiran 09 September 2009

If you are unable to do the check up of FIP and radiatior immediately, there is another way, which is not continued but can be utilised for a shorter period. "put on the A/C after running the vehicle for 4-5 km". Anyhow proper service of your Radiator and FIP is must for good performance.

Answer by S SADAGOPAN 09 September 2009

Dude...go for decarbonization, engine, radiator, cooling system flush at a TSC (Tata Service center). Will cost around Rs. 2000. will improve your mileage, pickup etc...

Answer by Nikhil 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

For improving pick up. fine tuning of engine should be helpful. It Includes checking fuel supply system and de carbonisation.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009

Hi Majurej.

All people said above dont owe Indica I think so, I suggest you go to tata service station and asked them fit FCDI unit (Make:- Padmini) which is electronically control device, which regulates the engine RPM as soon as AC is on and there will no Pick up problem at all.
You will feel like Turbo Engine. It will not cost more than Rs.1650 + Labor Charges Rs.200/- Total solution Rs.1850/-.
I am sure you will be more satisfied.
You must to Bridal Treatment of Engine when you are about to change Engine oil for Decarbonisation. Once these two things done then see the performance.

Answer by Vishal 09 September 2009

Hello Maju garu
I think you can sell 1999 model vintage car to some car collector and get an upgraded version of Indica that is less polluting.1999 model is vintage as it comes in the first group of Indica cars from the stable of Tata. Can any of you give me an explanation of how radiator coolent can improve pickup in the above scenario ?
Also did anybody notice that Indica DLX 99 model is giving 18KM per liter ? I dont think many would be getting that fabulus milage.

Answer by Manu 09 September 2009

Majurenj, the car actually runs up at a low pickup after switching on AC. Its a normal feature of Indica

Answer by Rohit 09 September 2009
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