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hi am just think to buy a fiat palio 2002 model runned upto 1lk cng just fitted one month back car has top model p.s p.w etc.... can any one please help me how much the car value in the market and what happen if the car want to repair means availability of spare many of my friends told me the car has no value in the market
By Prince 09 September 2009

Fiat Palio is a good car but availability of spares is a problem. If you are interested in buying palio then look for another car because this car had already run 1kl. you can get 2002 palio 1.2 elx(top model)with lpg in around 80-90 k depending on the condition. Look for individual sellers dealers will charge you more.If you want to buy the above mentioned car buy it for 45-50 k.

Answer by Shashank 09 September 2009

Bhai Sahab,

I had a fiat palio 2002 model, purchased it second hand from one of my friend. The car is so good that whenever I leave India permanently I will buy that car only.

I had a hard time with that car, In 3 years 1 year it was in garage of my home or repair shop. Rest 2 years vehicle was running (*Ruk ruk ke*).

To bhai sahab there are no spares avialble and no trained manpower to handle this car in India.

When I tried selling it, one of my freinds told that "is car ko bech ke aur kuch paise mila ke ek namak ki bori le le".

See if you want to purchase a sack of salt that too adding some money.

Answer by Pradeep 09 September 2009

Fiat palio is a great car .A solid safe and comfortable ride quality actually it gives the feel of a big sedan in a hatchback .I am using a 2002 ELX pS silver petrol mumbai 1st owner regd 70000 km done good condition .Have just bought a corlla altis and am not too keen to sell my palio as yet but will consider it shortly as i have a parking problem of 2 cars

Answer by Dr Mehool Mehta 09 September 2009

Ok... If decided then do not think for second option. Palio is a car, which made not for Indians, since we all do not want any exitiment in a Kar! that's y we always go for Maruti.
But Fiat is excellent car. Now spares are available, since it has JV with TATA motors. they have trained mechs but cost of the mech are too high.
You don't beleive that I spet 45K for servicing, since I love my car much.

Answer by Jey 09 September 2009

i had fiat palio top end version for 6 years and had absolutely no problem till the end, except for one year when the dealership was changed, but now i have purchased linea and the service back-up is excellent from tata. i would suggest you to buy a new palio which is good in looks and dont worry about the spares as they are easily available with tata dealrship.

Answer by Kamal Sanghvi 09 September 2009

hi,,,i have palio 1.2 elx model,,,spare part is not a problem for this car,,,now spare are easily avialble in the market,,,even iam also wanted to sell my car i have cng fitted in it,,,16km per kg milage,,,new tyres,,music system,,,tubeless tyres,,,reason for selling is iam already havin two cars

Answer by Gajendra 09 September 2009

Hi,I have been driving a Palio ELPS 1.2 for over past 7 years and 65000 kms.Whole of my family loves this car because of excellent road handling and sedan like comfort which many of the up segment cars lack.Recently I test drove i20 a very smooth car but somehow lacks the comfort of a Palio. I never had problems with majority of spare parts although I have never gone to TATA workshop for the repairs.Of course one may not be able to find small insignificant rubber parts of that model.But now as my car is growing older I am planning to replace it with something new with a heavy heart,Samir.

Answer by SAMIR 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Palio of 2002 will be a good selection if available in reasonable price. As the vehicle is fitted with CNG better have a general check up done at service center before finalizing deal.Otherwise no problem in handling of cars and getting service also wont be much of a problem including getting spares.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009

the price u ve nt mentioned. but a one lakh kms run car is not very advisable.that i see as the only problem.

Answer by Kingsley 09 September 2009

Fiat Palio is the best option available in Indian Markets. As Jey said Indians are not came out of Maruti Era. To buy a Palio is good decision, but the car has already finished its 1L Km. Not only Palio but any car which has done that much running will be more prone for maintenance.
I have 2004 Palio NV Sports which give me pleasure of miniSCODA. Spares wise now there is no problem b'coz of TATA Fiat JV. It is true that for Palio maintenance Skilled mechanic is required but now it is not a big issue if you own a Fiat as you can definitly find the skilled one in any nearby garage nowadays.
I will suggest to go for a Palio ran less than 50K Km which if in good condition 2004 to 2006 will cost you 1.25L to 1.75L for top end version.
Best of Luck.

Answer by Nilesh 09 September 2009

hi i've fiat palio 1.6 2002 model. it has a powerful is comfortable and good for as spare parts are convern,if u are in new delhi so there is no provides 7 to 8 km/l in local and 10 to 12 on highway.i've CNG fitted Palio so one rupee per km

Answer by Sudhir 09 September 2009
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