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i am intrested in buying Accent Cng. but i am concerned with its performance, coz i have heard about being low in pikup after cng is installed. Another concern is that i have heard cases of catching fire in cars with gas kits... so i would like to know what can be the reasons for that....??
By Dheeraj 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Accent fitted with CNG does have problem of low pick up after long term usage .There is no much problem with safety as long as the fittings are proper and adequate safety measures are taken.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009



Answer by SKP 09 September 2009

i have the accent diesel is to good in condition....

Answer by Arsh Sandhu 09 September 2009

I have a Hyundai Accent but without gas fitting.
However I did have my esteem fitted with LPG.
Performance falls milagewise, also the oil does not get dirty but you surely need to change the same as its value falls in viscosity etc..Pick up has hardly any difference if fitted well.
C Ya.

Answer by Neville Mistry 09 September 2009

hey hi..
Will owning as Accent car is really kool... but don't spoil itz features by adding a gas kit to it... if u r getting a company fitted accent version then u can close your eyes n buy it... but if u r goin to fit it from a dealer den i advice u not to do so... as u have already mentioned its damages.... well u wana know how does it catch fire... Wen u travel for daily with the car there all lots of ups n downs our indian roads are neva smmoth so there is a kinda pressure crreated inside the cylinder, ofcourse there is a release valve too... but incase dat does not function.... n u meet with a minor accident from the rear then GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL.... don't worry as they say everything has an advantage n a disadvantage... go for a petrol o a diesel and maintain it well it will be economic n give u a very good pick up..... good luck friend

Answer by Vinit 09 September 2009

I have been driving with cng in since 2002, it is abolutely safe, people who compromise on their safety suffer, pls get the best kit in the market, they are certifed by the fire authorities, the cylinder is also certifed. I have been driving cng cars since 2002 withut any problem, the average becomes superb if you have to drive for long, in hyundai accent petrol version, the the best kit with 14 kgs cylinder will cost you 29,000 plus 1000 extra for a gadget which increases pickup, a 12 kg cylinder wil cost u 26000, if in delhi you may get it installed from kotla,opp defence colony, after instalation pls get is updated on your r/c. Running tips: Everyday be sure to start your car on petrol and run it for 2 kms and your car engine will get lubricated, for the rest of the drive run on cng, when you get ur car serviced, for any doubts u may have the cng fitting serviced too, though i have never ever got it done uless i felt the average was falling,it is great value for mony with ever rising petrol prices.Nothing happens to the car engine, if you start and drive for 2 kms daily on petrol.
I have driven with cng on ambassador, daewoomatiz, esteem and hyundai accent, in esteem the average is superb about 23-27 on highway, in accent the average will be 17-20 on highway

Answer by SEN 09 September 2009

i have driven 100 kms daily for 7 years on cng, nothing happens to the cng kit, i have driven on the bumpiests of roads, just ensure to have the best kit and best cylinder, go for the 14 kg or 12 kg cylinder, becz even at cng stations is usually 9-11 kgs while in the 12kg cylinder it is 7-18 kgs.

Answer by Sen 09 September 2009

i totally agree with the user Sen, about the performance and advantages of cng kit instalation in the car.
In addition i would just like to add that when ever u want to install the kit, install it from authrorised fitment centres, whose addresss you can check from delhi government transport ministry website.
Dont get confused with govt. approved CNG kits fitment centre. here is the catch that, cng kits are authorized but not the centre.
There fore, check for the fitment centre authrization plus the cng kit authorisation and ofcourse the gas cylinder.
And, don't leave your battery terminals uncovered which are the main source of catchin fire due to short sparks etc.
and, as i m a cng car owner, i can assure you don't have to worry, infact u will thank us after installing it.
And, i am myself selling my accent car with cng endorsed on RC, because i m upgrading it.

Answer by Dr Sachin 09 September 2009

hi, Even though I have owned a Accent CRDI, I have owned other cars with LPG kit fitted. As long as you have regular inspections done every 6 months for leaks / wear and tear, and maintain the vapouriser in good condition you should not have a problem. Also keep monitoring the spark plug color. If it becomes white you may have a combustion concern.
You should be prepared for a small percentage drop in power. It will definately not provide the same power as petrol.

Answer by Abhinay 09 September 2009

hi dheeraj,
hyundai accent, is a real decent vehicle, nice pick up, and all. why go for cng, and rob ur self of pleasure of power that petrol gives, it has, decent, average too, about 14km/pl. not uneconomical. but if u happen to buy cng accent, do let us know about ur experience. best of luck.

Answer by Umesh 09 September 2009

Hi Dheeraj,

Hyundai Accent is a very good and fentastic using a petrole i do not like CNG one due to less performance..and i suggest you to go for a petrole one rather than Gas.

Answer by Surender Raju 09 September 2009

company fitted accent lpg is anice cae u need not worry about any thing.

Answer by Arun Jain 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Answer from Mr Shashank Singh

Its good that you are thinking to buy an accent with CNG because its eco - nomical
and eco - friendly......
no need to worry for the performance, if you wish to buy an used car then buy a normal car and go for a good CNG kit available in the market which would cost you somewhere around 40,000/-INR . And if you wish to buy a new car then Accent eco is available in few cities in India(Delhi,Mumbai,Ahmedabad,Kolkata) which will cost you 5,40,000/-INR , its a petrol version with company fitted CNG kit. And regarding the pick up......dont worry in todays traffic it wont be of any trouble, i hope you are note going to use your car for racing it wont make any major difference....pickup is definitely affected but its really minor so you can neglect it cause you are getting better mileage at a lower cost and you are creating less pollution....and trust me CNG is much safer than LPG and has a very rare chance of catching fire, and if the car has to catch fire than a petrol engine can also catch fire i would suggest you to go for it.......i have given the best knowledge i had but you must go through all the issues personally and then finally decide.....ALL THE BEST !! and hope i have satisfied you with my answers.......

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009

Kindly do let me know the per rupees running cost of Accent on CNG as well as on petrol i hae 80 KM of running per day in delhi

Answer by Gaurav 09 September 2010

dear sir,you should buy only petrol cars,cng cars no small cities cng not avialable,no extra milage.

Answer by RAVI 09 September 2010

i own a cng company fitted accent and have i nice experience of driving although the pick up is bit low but then as it is it is safe to drive slow....its economical and eco friendly...i will surely recmond....its worth buying....value for money

Answer by Surender Thapliyal 12 December 2010

does any car can ablaze petrol/diesel by sort circuit?what percent of chances are there of sort circuit and catching fire and sort circuit is normally happening?is it catch fire if there sort circuit in CNG mostly?or rarely.IF SORT CIRCUITS IS THERE SAME CHANCE OF CATCHING FIRE IN petrol/diesel/cng?**i wants to know more experts pl,answer

Answer by JK GAMIT 04 April 2011

Have accent petrol 2008 fitted with CNG kit (voltran). it give good milage and is smooth drive and good pickup, and have clocked 50K. still its rooring. no problem go for it.

Answer by Julian 07 July 2011

i want to know milage per kg cng

Answer by Dee 11 November 2014

Hello All,

Sir, i want to add CNG in my new car (Tata bolt) which is not permit by TATA, but as per cost day by day i want fit kindly confirm is there any impact in car those who not permit by TATA.
Kindly suggest can we add CNG.

Answer by Vijeta 02 February 2016

Recently i have purchased a Hyundai accent second hand which includes not on paper 2003 model the problem i m facing is i am not getting average and pickup on ac 60kms/8kg

Answer by Yatin 05 May 2017

Wht is the average of accent on cng plz share with me

Answer by Harshal 12 December 2018
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