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sir,I am an automobile engineering student of R.I.T Sangli. I am participating in an international level competition called as FORMULA per events are concern our vehicle should have minimum turning radius,so we deside to have quick turning in minimum movement. so we want to design that so please help in design. I want your experience in designing. for quick reply give me your appointment.thanks u
By Rupesh Sakpal 09 September 2009
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Please keep in touch with my gmail id .May be we can chat regarding the same to come up with logical solutions.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009
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The idea should be to see that both the front wheels and the rear wheels turn in such an angle so that the turning radius is minimum. I have read somewhere in SAE Magazine some twenty years back.On the internet,you can get lot of help.Your Professors in College,should be able to guide you better as you are there.Theoretically it is possible.
I think some cars are having Four wheel turning in such an angle that your rear wheels turn left and the front wheels turn right,so that in a smallest curve,you can get the desired results.
Another design, I do not know,what exactly is the requirement of SAE. You can also think of the vehicle moving left or right by providing small inner wheels kept at 90degrees to the normal wheels and drop down the same,when you want to park so that you can move sideways.
This is my idea which may be laughed by some,but for slow speed,and parking,this is the ideal way to get easy parking in tight places..
Dr P C Rao,
Prof in Engg Mgmt, CIRT, PUNE - 10 sept 09.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 09 September 2009

Hello guys,
If you want that vehicle should turn within a low turning radius.

1.reduce the wheel base of the car. that too depends the more you cut on wheel base more manuverability you get.

2. make the rear wheels to turn also with the same steering like volvo trucks and car. Volvo has patent for all wheel drive.

3. tire size also does matter.

I hope you got me.

Deepak Suri

Answer by Deepak Suri 09 September 2009
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