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Cannot decide between SX4-ZXI and Honda City 2008 MT? Which one should one consider if we take all the possible parameter for comparison ?
By Jyoti 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Considering all parameters, Honda City wil be a better selection on account of power,resale value, highway performance,body style and above all brand value.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009

Hi Jyoti-by honda city 2008 MT i assume you mean the honda city ZX IDSI engine. Shiva has given you the spot on opinion - the honda city is certainly the better choice - however, the only fact that you have to live with that it is now out of production, although you will not face a problem with service and spares for a long time to come. Avoid the SX4 because it does not feel like a luxury sedan and gives lower mileage than the honda city. Cabin noise is intrusive and a lot of interior parts have been brought over from the swift - so one feels a bit cheated for having spent so much money on a sedan. If you want something better value for money and do not want to spend so much on a Honda, then you could look at a ford fiesta, fiat linea or a swift dzire.

Answer by Sanjeev Chopra 09 September 2009

Hi. I would always advise you to go in for Honda City. Maruti Sx4 is a Flop. Honda has superb resale Value

Answer by Vithur 09 September 2009


I own a honda gxi since 2004...and I simply love it. My knowledge of Maruti SX4 is its too bulky and will consume too much of petrol.
Also, resale value of Honda is much better than Maruti.
And the status value of Honda is better than Maruti for sure.
Most other parameters remain the same.

Answer by Hrishikesh 09 September 2009


We faced the same quandry in 2007, when we were confused between SX4 and Honda City V Tec (please note we found the IDSI version to be vastly underpowered and hence did not compare it with SX4). Everything else being similar, we made our decision in favour of SX4 solely due to the fact that while comparing cost of maintenance, cost of spares and cost of minor body repairs (that to our mind are the main expenses a self-driven car in an Indian city faces for the first 5 years) we realised that the rule of thumb ratio is 1:3. For every rupee spent on SX4, you need to spend 3 rupees on Honda City. While we did not mind spending the Rs.1.5 lac additional as a one time cost, it was the thought of ongoing costs that rattled us.

Today, after 2 and a half years of driving the SX4, we are sure we made the right decision. It has given us 10kmpl in Chennai city, 15-17 kmpl on highway (always with AC on), great power delivery and overtaking, ease of driving etc. We have just sold it for a decent resale amount as we are shifting.

The only negatives as far as we have been able to determine are a tendency for interiors / small parts to start rattling soon and also the rear view while reversing or parking is really constrained due to high boot. There is also a partial blind spot on the left and right corners while driving.

So, my suggestion is that if your decision is based on refinement, overall finish and brand value, then go for Honda. But if you are prudent and conscious of recurring costs, then SX4 is the car to go for.

Hope this helps...

Answer by Hanish Somaya 09 September 2009

dear, go for HondaCity as it looks beutiful and good for ride and also maintenence is costly but do not come frequently as other cars.Go for Honda CITY or go for Fiat linea or Fiesta sxi

Answer by Srinivasarao 09 September 2009

In my opinion there is no comparison between Hond City and SX4.I own City ZX model since 2006 and currently upgrading to the SMT model. The driving comfort,fuel economy (I get 12KPL in the city and 15 KPL on long drive), trouble free drive is way ahead of SX4. If you want solidity in your car, go for Honda City.

Answer by Brig V Suresh Nair 09 September 2009

Quality comes with money (with exceptions ofcourse).
So, now you know which one to choose and why.


Answer by Haresh 09 September 2009

Hi Jyoti,
Would strongly recommend Honda City. Its just WONDERFUL apart from brand and resale value. Driving is just a pleasure and comfort. I have been owning a Honda City since 2006.

Answer by Anurag Dureha 09 September 2009

hii jyoti
we can have a race when u buy honda city--heyy its superb from the sports car manufacturer n comfort like a aircraft--go for it n let me know once u party-byeee

Answer by Anil 09 September 2009

i own a new shape honda city ivetch, SMT, it is superb vechicle. in city with AC i get 12 KMPL. in highway i get 17KMPL. only negative point is the low ground clearence. especially when fully loaded it kisses the road humps which are short n steep. in SX4 there is no problem of ground clearence. hond city the parts are 70% indian n 30% imported. due to that reason some of the items will be expensive. imported parts are always cost more

Answer by Chengappa 09 September 2009

In my opinion there is no comparison between city and SX4 in terms of look, brand value, resale value and ofcourse power.

Answer by Suresh 09 September 2009

Offcourse you must opt for the Honda City GXI which will give you slightly better milage than the I-VTEC (ZXI). Super performance and excellent brand value. Although I can not say the same for the new 2009 Honda city......big dissapointment.
What SX4!!!!! it does not exist in my world of sedans.

Answer by Manuj Bedi 09 September 2009

honda is the best

Answer by Harsh 09 September 2009
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