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How is Tata Indigo TDI in terms of performance & maintenance?
By Vikas 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

Tata Indigo Has good overall performance except minor problems like weak shocks, oil leakages which are aken care of by warranty.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009

poor car ......

Answer by Dheeraj 09 September 2009

Hi, its good car, overall performance is good, only draw back the body is not strong.

Answer by Sandeep D S 09 September 2009

Although maintenance costs on this car are minimal, its performance is very average. The car is good to get you from one place to another with ample space but not much more than that. Mileage is very good too.

Answer by Kabir 09 September 2009

Worst car i have ever driven
Troubles like hell
Better to drive an Auto Rickshaw than this car
Pathetic Technology Pathetic car
Take you to the mechanic everyday

Answer by Hellp 09 September 2009

Performance is average, best to have a chauffeur drive u around. It returns an average of 14Km/lit in city and about 18/19 Km/lit on the expressway. Absolutely trouble free for the first 50000 Kms. Excellent after sales service at Tata's Worli workshop. At 50000 you will have to overhaul the suspension, replace brake pads, V belts, tyres etc. "Use it for 3 years and dispose it off before it starts giving trouble. Definitely not a car for people who are car enthusiasts and love driving. It's O.K. for people looking at utility value.

Answer by Jimmy 09 September 2009

It was my first car and I kept it for 3 years.It didnt give me any troubles till then. It has
good legroom (front & back) and boot
great mileage (I got around ~20kmpl)
value for money

By the time I sold it:
small niggles starts cropping up
the car is growling like a jeep
Unique squealing sound when you start the car in the morning.

Apart from that, the car seems to have a mood on its own. Some days its smooth and good to drive. Some days, its a pain!. Better to have driver.

Answer by Rajesh 09 September 2009

IAM USING ths car since 2005 car is excellent runned 110000kms till nw only small issues like weak shock absorbs i do every oil change 5000kms so car is perfect till nw

Answer by Raja 07 July 2012
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