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Hi, I am planing to purchase a used ford ikon car. Car id in good condition. I want to know, if I fit a CNG on the car, how will this perfom on ford ikon like mileage and maintaince etc. will this car cost me lot in long race. please let me know and share your comments on this.
By Anupam Dhar 09 September 2009

you will face absolutely no problem as the Ford engine is above 1.1 Ltrs i guess..u will have to compromise a bit on the pick up but once u get used to it u wont even feel the difference...the maintainence is almost negligible apart from the regular spares & service & mind you Ford parts are costly as compared to Maruti or Hyundai..but anyways yours wud be fair decision considering the savings in fuel cost in the long go ahead.. !!!!

Answer by Jalaj Soni 09 September 2009

Sorry if this comes across as dampening your enthusiasm, but I had a close experience with a Ford Ikon LPG conversion experience. The gas conversion itself is a very good idea on any car, but is tricky with the Ford Ikon. Ford's durability is heavily under question and is not a forgiving car if you make the slightest alterations to its design configurations. Unless you get a car with very few kilometres on the odometer, say less than 40,000, you are not buying yourself a rock solid performer. Ford cars also age very fast, which means your maintenance expenses will mount logarithmically with every kilometre. But there is such a thing as emotional appeal. If it appeals to you that much, that's the car you should drive!

Answer by B S Kumar 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

With Fitting of CNG the ford Ikon performance is not quite satisfactory because of increased maintenance problems.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009
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