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my sanro xing has side pulling,alignment is accident so far.probable cause?
By Biju Abraham 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Check Tyre pressures in front and rear wheels.
Further there is always a Camber of the Road as per Civil Engineering practise so that water has to flow to the sides.
At times the camber is a bit more,as they do not go strictly as per rules,and hence any car will slightly go to left or right as the case may be while going on the left extreme,or right extreme.
Wheel Bearings if they are not properly adjusted or the Brake linings rubbing continously or Disc if the discs are there in that vehicle,all these are contributory causes.
Further if the wheel balancing is done perfectly,then,there will be some drag. It is very difficult to pin point all these and if it is small ,you can get used to it if it happens on specific roads or go in depth of checking with other Rims,other tyres etc.
Even in my case of my Zen car, last week I had gone to maruti dealership for a Thumping vibration which came after recently we changed the tyre for tyre puncture. Finally it was noticed that the tyre itself is very much uneven in the rear left and when we put back the stepney,there was no vibration or less than what it was earlier.
Good Day.
Dr P C Rao,Pune

Answer by Dr P C Rao 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Please get the brakes shoes checked.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

Check the Bushings.. U might find that your problem ends there.

Answer by Quraish 08 August 2009

Since you said you had done wheel alignment let me skip that....
Also break shoe wear and tear / bearing these are issues that goes noticed easily... and prob u might have checked them all...

I had a similar issue with my ikon 1.8, did alignment, had bearing replace did all nothing solved it...

Check for the following-
1. Is you Power steering feeling heavy?? even slightly heavier than a new model.
If so one of the things that might require checking is the PS motor (or the associated part in your model)
2. Suspension Lower arm- next time you are up for service get the car up the lift and check for any damage.This can get affected / broken even if it passed a pot hole which can easily happen

Easiest way to ensure the under body is ok is.- Park the car, align the steering straight.
Take a thread and run it between the center of front wheel bolt to the center of rear wheel bolt, Length of LHS = Length of RHS. Use a thread, don't use a tape, since even mm, difference can result in the car pulling left or right.

Good luck

Answer by Tharunv 08 August 2009

get your wheel balanced. problem will be solved

Answer by Debi Prasad Sharma 08 August 2009
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