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i read it in some magzine that santro is most defective car of in its class is it true please advise

By Pritam Singh on Aug 26, 2009


  • Santro was the car of the year in 2000, and is pitted against the modern engines and small car designs of the modern cars, but no way a hopeless car.
    Answer by RAKESH on Aug 26, 2009

  • Simply question, if it was defective in any way, it wouldn't be selling for more than 10 years in a conservative place like India.
    Answer by Geet on Aug 26, 2009

  • yes it's true p.s would u belive it
    Answer by Sandeep Singh on Aug 26, 2009

  • hi.....pritam hyundai santro a good segment car this's a good car 4r u in 6years his selling out of range ...they have more mileage,more engine life so don't be afraid .....santro is's
    Answer by Vijayt on Aug 27, 2009

  • I was pride owner of Santro. and I was using that car for nearly about 5 years. It is no doubt a maintenance free car provided proper service is done timely and maintained. Now I have exchanged the same for i10 which is also manufactured by hyundai. If I am not satisfied with the performance of the vehicle how will I choose a brand new i10 with extra cost.Hence my view is that Santro is a good car which can be purchased. Any car for that matter require a good maintenance record to have good life and smooth motoring.
    Answer by Venkateswaran on Aug 27, 2009

  • hello pritam
    santro car is good car for me & every body iam full satisfy of this car.

    thanks & regards
    mazher khan
    Answer by Mazher Khan on Aug 27, 2009

  • Santro is a beautiful car to drive, very fine MPFI engine smooth drive, soft gears, feels like a luxury car, Body is sturdy, doors are heavy and robust, Good height spacious, God Shock absorbers, Good ground clearence, Mileage if driven well can be got 15 to 16 without AC. Overall its a value for money I feel.
    Answer by Shetty on Aug 27, 2009

  • Pritam,
    Please cite the magazine and article in which it appeared.
    Sandip Singh,
    Please mention the specific defects and simply that somebody hates this car and endorses the car is bad.

    Answer by Rakesh on Aug 27, 2009

  • obviously, you read it wrong. santro is one of the best car ever produced in india. please cite the name of the magazine which had given such a wrong info.
    Answer by Althaaf on Aug 28, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    No, Santro is one of the best hatchbacks in India and makes a good value for money invested.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Aug 28, 2009

  • santro i feel is one of the best in its class.I have owned many cars from suzuki to fista and honda but the city comfort has been with santro.
    Answer by Anil on Aug 29, 2009

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