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Dear SivaShankar and friends. First of all I thank you for all excellent advices and suggestions to Mr.Siva,Mr.Kapil,johnty,anil,and mr.Sai Ganesh. Iam an Ex AirForce Radar Eng. working in Abu Dhabi Int.National Airport. Please help me to take final decision-My wife is Practising in a driving school with ambassador car.her age is 38 years wife saw 2003 model-2nd owner,43000km,used car asking Rs.1,75,000. after good practice 1year later i want to buy toyota innova.can i buy used ambassador for my wife to practice for future innova?.because she dream to carry more children(during picnic and occasions) if not used zen ?.if i sell zen after 1 year how much i will loose? orif I buy new alto sell new alto after 2 years how much i will loose?.Kindly advice me which car i should buy?. If any body want job In abudhabi/dubai please send CV to me. there is a vacancy for meterological observer.later coming for radar/radio technicians.I can help for others also. It is free service for my indian brothers and sisters. *** JAI HIND*** my e-mail id is and or ph:00971507145817
By George IAF 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Driving of Innova is quite easy and anybody with good practice of driving other cars can handle it safely.As you are planingto sell the car after one year or so,it will be worth buying Zen and the same could be sold after one year for around 1.5 lac min.If you go for new alto the depreciation amount will be much higher than what you will be loosing for a used Zen may be around 50 to 75k or so.It will be worth going for used Zen.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

I have already sent an e-mail to your give ID address.
So hope no need to repeat again.

Answer by Johnty 08 August 2009
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