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My Ford Endura 1.3 petrol got hot after driving with AC and sprayed out the coolant from the container under pressure. Now the coolant seems to be leaking out. What is the cause and what is the remedy ?

By Panchapakesan on Aug 25, 2009


  • driving with ac make the engine over heated due to some problem in engine. you have change yor gas kit between engine then top up coolent and try .do not drive with ac when you just start go for 1 km run and then trun on the ac
    watch the heat meter if it indicate normal then ok other wise go for a change.
    Answer by D CHATTERJEE on Aug 25, 2009

  • Take ur car to a garage / authorized service station instead of writing on the net for suggestions.
    Answer by Sushim Roy on Aug 25, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    The problem ould be due to weak hose piped resulting in blockage.Remedy is to replace the same.Also the cooling system including radiator needs to be checked for source of leakage.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Aug 29, 2009

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