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dear experts and friends . Please give your valuable advices i want to buy a used car for my wife. she found Zen 2003 model run-43000 km costs Rs 1,75,000/- my wife is not experienced driving. just got the licence. some time i am thinking to buy new or old alto .--
By Avgeorge 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Zen of 2003 can be bought for around 1.6 Lac.If its Alto of the same year then it can be negotiated further.Going for a used car will be good enough as it wil be cost effective and reliable too.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

Hi, you have made a good choice. Maruti Zen is always known for good mileage and low maintenance. But at the price of Rs. 1.75 Lacs Zen 2003 Model (lx, lxi or vxi) is very expensive. I am using same car VXI 2003 model. & I bought it in feb 2006 at Rs. 1.90 lacs in a very good condition. Negotiate hard for the same.

Answer by Kapil Raj 08 August 2009

If she found Zen 2003 the value of car will be maximum
Rs.150,000 even if it's run only 43,000 Kms. Since she is
a beginner my advice is that Zen/Alto/Santro(hatchback)
cars are advisable. Once she is familier then to buy
new cars like WagonR or Estilo is better). Santro also
reliable but check the re-sale value.

Answer by Johnty 08 August 2009

Hi Avgeorge,
A 2003 Zen would be an expensive buy at a prize for you. While looking at the fact that your wife is not an experiance driver and has just acquired her license. I would really not advice you to buy a new car for her use or spend such an amount. The reason why I'm advocating this thought is because being a new driver it might cause a lot of wear and tear to your car which in case of a new car would hurt you a lot both financially and personally. And if you go for a second hand car as expensive as this, the case is gonna be the same. So my advice to you would be to rather go for a more inexpensive alternate with a good condition. I'm planning to sell my own Zen which is a 1999 model and in good condition. If you are from Delhi. You can contact me anytime on my email.

Answer by Anil 08 August 2009

I also have a Zen 2003,registered Jan 04 as I got it in Dec.
I have done only 26000 as I am a retired guy. It is good car and has not given me even slightest problem
Iam in Gurgan

Answer by Som Sharma 08 August 2009

Go for a new car and alto is a better bet.
New car insurance - no depreciation - in the sense if there is any damage u get full return in the first 6 months and 10% depreciation for the next 1 year (100% peace of mind). NEW car will be covered under warranty if there is any problem which is not the case with a second hand car. My first car was Zen 2005 and I learned driving in it. My car took all the abuses of a new driver (me) and is running as new today after clocking 40000km odo. The price you mentioned for the old zen is too high and its a carburetor model (correct me if wrong) and mine is a MPFI. I would give mine for a price slightly higher than what u have mentioned (tho not interested now).

Answer by SAI 08 August 2009

For got to add few points in my previous post...
Any new driver at the max would take 3 to 6 months to learn driving and within this time any mistakes u do will be covered by insurance and warranty of a new car. So go for a new car.

Answer by SAIGAN 08 August 2009

I think alto is best for new drivers. Zen millage is very low per zero maintenance car and its spares are very costly. Alto millage is good and its spares is very low cost and easy to new riders and also a zero maintenance car . Zen is a very comfortable car but slightly problem to ride a new riders.

Answer by Anil Kumar Panda 08 August 2009

Anil kumar is 100% right. Zen is not advisable for new drivers. I as a user of zen as a first car had experience the troubles. alto spares are cheaper and much spacious than the zen. Our family was very uncomfortable in a zen (cramped leg space, head room and boot space- all of these are better in alto). Go for a new ALTO

Answer by Saiganesh 08 August 2009

2003 Zen, should be in the bracket of 1.1 Lakhs - 1.4 Lakhs depending upon whether its LX/LXi/VXi and bought at what time of the year - ie. begining or end of 2003.

Answer by Sushim Roy 08 August 2009

Zen is no doubt a very good car . But the value that you are getting in too high .Negotiate well.
It is easy to drive and specially when you are saying it is for ur wife ,so u can opt for second hand Zen till she gets perfect on driving and then buy her a new car .

Answer by Amitav Ghosh 08 August 2009

The price bracket is very high. I owned 2003 Zen Lx, it has no maintenance. I just sold the car at 1.15L when odometer clocking 38000km to go for a new santro xing. Old zen is the best car from maruti and I also learned the driving at that car. It is best one. If u go for learning with a new one, it will be difficult with a mental headache of scratches & control in a congested road. Moreover, after so many scratches, the depreciation cost for new car is much much higher than the old one. So go for Zen of after 2005 model to have value for money.

Answer by Sandipan P C 08 August 2009

It is really a good decession to go for a olr car for a starter and Maruti Zen is really a reliable model. I would suggest to check the body and chessis of the car along with is tyre condition, servo(Break), clutch wire condition before you hand it over to your spous. Do not go for any carborato model - like below Bharat 1.
Thanking you and have a good day.

Answer by Rajib Banerjee 08 August 2009

A good choice. Zen is a roadfriendly car. Go for it .In 2005 I bought a 1999 m0del for 1.5 lakhs.Doing fine now.

Answer by BALACHANDRAN 09 September 2009
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