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Which car is technically good A Star or Spark,I like the spark more but I heard A Start engine and fuel efficency is better than Spark's. Is there a huge difference on fuel efficency between both.My monthly drive is around 1000 km.
By Amit 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Both have almost similar power engine.The advantage of Spark is the price, interior space,cost effectiveness.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

A Star without any confusion. I have spark LT which is useless and very rough.
Try to shift to Ritz if you can strech a little bit.

Answer by Jitu 08 August 2009

spark is good mileage giving astar gives mileage only what about engine maintance just ask if maruthi u take 1st service he charges 1000kms 1500 rs and spark free maintance 1000kms after 2nd service free maintance he was giving spark offer free 3yrs maintain see that vechile spark is old matiz engine changed total 22 modifications between matiz and spark u know matiz is very sucees bly plz my suggest go for spark

Answer by Sabarinath 08 August 2009

If you are looking for a family car where four adults and luggage will be there, I suggest the Spark. It has enough space and is comfortable. The engine is not as peppy as the A Star, but for sedate driving, it is more than sufficient.
If you are looking for a fun-to-drive car and not bothered about family and luggage, go for the A Star. It has a peppy (though a little rough running at the top end) engine and is fun to chuck around corners and dart through traffic. But the rear seats are cramped and the luggage space very very small.
Mileage wise, the A Star is comparable to the Spark. But price wise, the Spark is cheaper.
You decide now.....

Answer by Sasi Menon 08 August 2009

SPARK is proven car with millions sold world wide and easy to drive. One noticeable difference is in the boot space, both have small boot, but Astar is too cramped.

Answer by RAKESH 08 August 2009
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